Love is all around! Marta, Jerome and their fascinating wedding in Dior's castle

19 of December, 2013

There are magical weddings! And this is one of those ceremonies in which we regret not having been invited. Jerome and Marta are the couple of this wonderful wedding that we are talking about in today's post.  ...

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Shelley Gardiner with Alabama bridal gown. A beatiful wedding in New Zealand

10 of November, 2013

Shelley Gardiner chose Alabama wedding dress for her marriage. The wedding scene was a wonderful landscape among Queenstown mountains in New Zealand. The wedding gown of Alquimia Collection 2012 ...

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An ideal wedding: Nuño + Toñi in Alabama wedding dress by Yolan Cris

27 of June, 2013

Today we present you one of the weddings that most surprised us this year. For its originality and realization, this is an ideal wedding. And this couple have found each other: Nuño is ideal for her and Toñi ideal for him. They're funny, original, an...

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An ideal Wedding: Nuño+ Toñi in Alabama wedding dress by YolanCris

26 of June, 2013

"I must confess that when I tried on the wedding dress, I was really touched. Was just what I was looking for and I couldn't find it anywhere." She says referring to Alabama wedding dress by YolanCris . We really like the second option for the b...

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Wonderful wedding in Durban beach, South Africa. Rhys & Kelly in Alabama wedding dress.

30 of May, 2013

Chance, magic and coincidence. A cold February 2008 joined Rhys and Kelly at the mutual friend's birthday party in London. He returned to his hometown in South Africa, but 8.000 miles and a long-distance relationship for about two years, we...

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Victoria, an exceptional bride, in Alabama wedding dress by YolanCris. Wedding in London.

13 of February, 2013

Victoria lives in London. "We actually had 2 weddings! The first a Chateau du Ludaix in France where we took 36 adults and 8 kids to stay for the week the Chateau. When we were ba...

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Alabama wedding dress by Yolan Cris

11 of February, 2013

Today we remember the legend of the Alabama wedding dress by YolanCris, for a very special reason that you will discover as the week progresses. YolanCris' Alabama wedding dress has a beautiful st...

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Eva + Sergi, alchemical magic. Alabama wedding dress.

11 of February, 2013

There is an alchemical magic in night photography, and even more if one lights it up with the charm of a candel. Eva and Sergi's wedding pictures are of a spellb...

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Brendan + Rebecca Mathews, director and editor of Wed Magazine, in Alabama wedding dress by YolanCris.

24 of January, 2013

Today we are feeling specially excited about showing you Rebecca and Brendan's wedding. She is the director and editor of the prestigious wedding journal Wed Magazine. Therefore, we are proud tha...

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