Aitana Sanchez Gijón dressed in YolanCris, most important actress of Sapanish Cinema award 2015

3 of November, 2015

Aitana Sanchez Gijon, most relevant actress in Spain, received yesterday the Spanish Cinema Academy Award. An honorary award shared with actor Juan Diego, which recognized them as two of the most important actors on the Spanish national sce...

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Rainie Yang (杨丞琳) at the Golden Horse Awards in a YolanCris black lace gown

22 of November, 2014

Taiwanese actress Rainie Yang ( 杨丞琳)  on the red carpet at the 51st Golden Horse Awards in a YolanCris Haute Couture black lace gown. ...

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Annemarie Carpendale in a YolanCris couture gown hosts GQ Men Of The Year Awards 2013.

12 of November, 2013

Annemarie Carpendale, in a YolanCris evening gown #1407 A/W haute couture collection 2014, presented the GQ Men of the Year Awards 2013 last thursday evening in Berlin. ...

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Singer Innocence in a lace dress by YolanCris

31 of October, 2013

Singer Innocence in a YolanCris Haute Couture gown amazing at the opening of the Sala Broker organized by Grazia magazine Spain in Madrid. With a fabulous styling by the great Abraham Gutierrez, singer Innocence dazzled with a look ladylike so ...

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Gema Castellano by YolanCris in a total black look.

28 of August, 2013

Gema Castellano is the kind of person that impress at first sight for her expertise in knowing how to dress. The journalist and director of Informativos.net and Lifestyle magazine by Informativos.net ha...

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Back to Black. Special YolanCris total black look.

27 of May, 2013

YolanCris gives great importance to the design of each of their garments. In night dresses and evening looks, made ​​a detailed outfits giving relevance to both the front and the back. ...

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Special Oscars 2013. Red carpet dresses

25 of February, 2013

On Sunday night during the celebration of the Oscars 2013, we made a special post with a selection of YolanCris evening gowns and couture dresses on facebook. And there was a winner as proposed dress for the red carp...

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Actress Mireia Ros in a YolanCris gown at the backstage of The Goya awards.

20 of February, 2013

Trio of ladies, from left to right: Mireia Ros, Carmen Conesa and Miriam Díaz-Aroca. Our friend and actress Mireia Ros, has sent us, these lovely backstage photos of The G...

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Actress Irene Montalà dressed by YolanCris at Barcelona Gaudi's Awards 2013.

4 of February, 2013

Actress Irene Montalà presented the first award of the 2013 Gaudí Awards held yesterday in Barcelona. For the occasion  she chose YolanCris 1320 lace night dress. An exclusive design made ​ in black lace with a strip jet rhinestones, which...

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