Star Style: Rosario Flores and her Bohemian Rock Style. Get it with YolanCris

7 of July, 2014

Rosario Flores surprised us few days ago wearing the YolanCris black blouse #1417 at Idol Colombia. A program in which the singer takes part as a jury. The youngest of the Flores family,  has a unique and distinctive style, always mixing bohe...

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Eli G. of Lost in Vogue, The wedding.

17 of July, 2013

Today Eli G. of Lost in Vogue has posted her wedding in her fashion blog Lost in Vogue. One of the best guides of fashion and trends that directs along with her ​​friend and soul mate Eli S. Eli G. married in Ma...

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Eli G. from Lost in Vogue in YolanCris couture gown at her prewedding cocktail

25 of June, 2013

As a beautiful princess emerging from a castle. This is how it was the pre-wedding cocktail on the island of Mallorca of  Eli G. from Lost in Vogue. Sh...

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