Identity, YOLANCRIS' new campaign

14 of March, 2018

IDENTITY [fem.] The circumstances of being a specific person or thing and not another. It is determined by a series of features or characteristics that differ from others. The fashion industry uses its own tools to turn anyth...

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How to dress for a wedding. Eli G wore the #15111 print evening dress

25 of June, 2015

Lost in Vogue is one of our favourites fashion blogs. For this reason, we love every time one of their founders rely on YolanCris. Guarantee of success! It's wedding season and Elig G. knows how to be the real eye-catcher ...

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The perfect wedding guest look by Eli G. from Lost in Vogue

16 of June, 2015

When it comes to style, we have to talk about Eli G. from Lost in Vogue  that never cease  to surprise us with the style of her outfits and the several  tips we can find in her blog.  Eli well kn...

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The fabulous wedding of Eli G. of Lost in Vogue

18 of July, 2013

"May 25, 2013. A date that has been marked in my life as the happiest day of my life." This is the fabulous beginning of the post that  Eli G has dedi...

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The fabulous wedding of Eli G. of Lost in Vogue II

17 of July, 2013

Catania wedding dress by YolanCris was adapted to Eli G, is a two-piece wedding dress, the inner part is made ​​of chantilly in a lingerie style and thin straps, the top with a stylish sleeve is a crafty work of different types of Fr...

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Eli G. of Lost in Vogue, The wedding.

17 of July, 2013

Today Eli G. of Lost in Vogue has posted her wedding in her fashion blog Lost in Vogue. One of the best guides of fashion and trends that directs along with her ​​friend and soul mate Eli S. Eli G. married in Ma...

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Eli G. from Lost in Vogue in YolanCris couture gown at her prewedding cocktail

25 of June, 2013

As a beautiful princess emerging from a castle. This is how it was the pre-wedding cocktail on the island of Mallorca of  Eli G. from Lost in Vogue. Sh...

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