Innocence dressed by YolanCris in the 20th Anniversary of Shangay Magazine

22 of November, 2013

Shangay magazine has published a special edition on the occasion of its 20th anniversary. To celebrate it, they've released a special issue full of artists as recognised as Alaska, Mario Vaquero, Chenoa, Marta Sánchez, Miguel Bosé, Soraya Arne...

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Maribel Castillo, contestant on Number One talent show in a YolanCris dress.

17 of June, 2013

Maribel Castillo performed beautifully the spanish song "Hoy quiero confesar" at Number One a talent show Tv program of Antena 3. She was wearing a YolanCris cocktail dress. She looked gorgeous in YolanCris 1104 evening dress . A ...

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