The reinvention of the Kimono. A 'must have' fashion for spring

27 of January, 2016

Kimono it has an ancestral 'je ne se quoi' that persists even centuries after its birth and its distinctive design has spread from Japan to the world, filling the female wardrobe with its oriental inspiration. ...

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Who is this guy? The it man: Eugen Steier.

3 of June, 2013

Sometimes someone's talent is too huge to be ignore. And you may ask yourself who is Eugen Steier? We enclose a brief description of his career. ...

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Must Have by Vir. Virginia show us how she created her boho bridal look.

22 of March, 2013

On March 17th Virginia Gonzalez held her first wedding anniversary. Congratulations! She explains on her blog Must Have by Vir how she discovered, step by step, all the details...

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