Roser Tapias in Yolan Cris at the Premis Gaudí 2016

1 of February, 2016

The short-film 'Ford Escort' was nominated for best short film in  Premis Gaudí 2016, and its protagonist Roser Tapias did not want to miss the event. She looked absolutely stunning in Yolan Cris as she walked through the red carpet ac...

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Star Style: Rosario Flores and her Bohemian Rock Style. Get it with YolanCris

7 of July, 2014

Rosario Flores surprised us few days ago wearing the YolanCris black blouse #1417 at Idol Colombia. A program in which the singer takes part as a jury. The youngest of the Flores family,  has a unique and distinctive style, always mixing bohe...

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Star Style: Avril Lavigne. Black wedding gown. 2014 Bridal trend.

23 of July, 2013

One of the 2014 bridal trends that YolanCris presented in the latest edition of the Gaudí brides Barcelona catwalk was the total black look for bridal gowns. Interspersed the white and ivory wedding dresses, emerged from backstage, the simil reflexes...

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Star Style: Emma Watson. Get her retro-chic style in 4 steps.

15 of April, 2013

Today is Emma Watson's birthday, 23 lovely years, and that's why she's in focus of our Star Style section today. We love the n...

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The BaBy bridal veil. Star Style: Brigitte Bardot

6 of February, 2013

Brigitte Bardot was also known by her initials,  "BB". She was a beauty icon in the sixties, rebellious and free-spirited,  regarded as enfant terrible because she was one of the most important female figure in French cinema of that ...

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Star Style. Get the rock & trendy street chic style of Kate Moss.

11 of December, 2012

YolanCris introduces for first time, the biker jacket for brides, the perfect accessory if you want to get a different & casual look. It belongs to the new 2013 Chelsea Girl collection, a line of original and rock style wedding dresses. ...

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