Romantic vintage English castle inspiration by Knot and Pop

2 of March, 2018

Is there anything more classic and romantic than an English countryside castle wedding? Ok, this is called a manor but we are getting fairytale and royalty vibes from this gorgeous photoshoot made in Cornwall by Taylor and Porter! ...

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Next Yolan Cris Trunk Show in Birmingham UK, November 21-22

10 of November, 2015

We’ll be landing in the United Kingdom to held a Trunk Show in Birmingham next November 21/22.  The event will take place at the beautiful bridal store ‘The Wedding Club’ where we'll...

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The fabulous wedding of Eli G. of Lost in Vogue

18 of July, 2013

"May 25, 2013. A date that has been marked in my life as the happiest day of my life." This is the fabulous beginning of the post that  Eli G has dedi...

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The fabulous wedding of Eli G. of Lost in Vogue II

17 of July, 2013

Catania wedding dress by YolanCris was adapted to Eli G, is a two-piece wedding dress, the inner part is made ​​of chantilly in a lingerie style and thin straps, the top with a stylish sleeve is a crafty work of different types of Fr...

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