The wonderful wedding of Layla and Andreas

28 of November, 2013

Today we have the pleasure to show you a charming wedding. The Andreas and Layla's wedding.  Andrea's mother, Maria owns one of the most relevant bridal boutique called Mirror Mirror in&nbs...

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Divina Federica! dressed in Portugal wedding dress by YolanCris

3 of October, 2013

An elegant style and the perfect vintage touch. Federica Andurini from Italy sends us these pictures with the wedding dress Portugal of Ibiza! collection byYolanCris.  The ...

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Good morning, #todayistheday. Gerard & Ainhoa's intimate & romantic wedding. Part II

13 of September, 2013

An intimate and romantic wedding. Organized entirely by the couple. The photographer Monica Carrera explains in her post that the bride Ainhoa​​, chose all the details of this fabulous rustic wedding: the bouquet of lavender, candles with...

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The fabulous wedding of Eli G. of Lost in Vogue

18 of July, 2013

"May 25, 2013. A date that has been marked in my life as the happiest day of my life." This is the fabulous beginning of the post that  Eli G has dedi...

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The fabulous wedding of Eli G. of Lost in Vogue II

17 of July, 2013

Catania wedding dress by YolanCris was adapted to Eli G, is a two-piece wedding dress, the inner part is made ​​of chantilly in a lingerie style and thin straps, the top with a stylish sleeve is a crafty work of different types of Fr...

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Magic wedding in Formentera, Fernando + Maria.

11 of July, 2013

Degroote wedding photography sent us these great pictures of a wonderful wedding in Formentera.: Fernando + María. We're completely captivated by the beauty, freshness and creativity of...

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Magic wedding in Formentera, Fernando + Maria. II

10 of July, 2013

We must make a special mention to the fabulous guests. One of our favorite images is the one above, all the guests dressed in white with oriental umbrella. A note of style in the endless details of wedding full of sensitivity and harmony. ...

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Magic wedding in Formentera, Fernando + Maria. III

10 of July, 2013

There are ‪ magical places‬ in the world. Who has been here knows what we're talking about. A ‪ place made of ‪wishes, that inspired movies and has become true moments unforgettable. T...

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Laura + Alberto. Marriage is a a trip for two.

17 of June, 2013

We start the week full of positive energy with these fantastic and funny of Laura and Alberto's postwedding pics. ...

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A rustic & original wedding: Raul + Ana, in Brooklyn wedding dress by YolanCris

23 of May, 2013

We introduce you the bride, Ana.  We introduce you the groom, Raúl ...

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