The White Gallery brides

7 of January, 2014

New year, new brides! The White Gallery is an Irish bridal boutique, with lots of glamour and charm, located in a luxurious manor between Dublín and Belfast. A unique place with an excelent treatment and personalized w...

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Love is all around! Marta, Jerome and their fascinating wedding in Dior's castle

19 of December, 2013

There are magical weddings! And this is one of those ceremonies in which we regret not having been invited. Jerome and Marta are the couple of this wonderful wedding that we are talking about in today's post.  ...

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Sarah and her magical wedding in Chicago

11 of December, 2013

YolanCris brides everywhere!  Today we move to Chicago to recall the most special day of Sara Sipich. T...

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Ieva, the YolanCris nymph

4 of December, 2013

The fact of getting married involve to take many decisions: cátering, guests, ceremony... but the most difficult one is the wedding dress decision,  the most anticipated and which arouse more curiosity among the guests.  ...

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The wonderful wedding of Layla and Andreas

28 of November, 2013

Today we have the pleasure to show you a charming wedding. The Andreas and Layla's wedding.  Andrea's mother, Maria owns one of the most relevant bridal boutique called Mirror Mirror in&nbs...

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Divina Federica! dressed in Portugal wedding dress by YolanCris

3 of October, 2013

An elegant style and the perfect vintage touch. Federica Andurini from Italy sends us these pictures with the wedding dress Portugal of Ibiza! collection byYolanCris.  The ...

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Good morning, #todayistheday. Gerard & Ainhoa's intimate & romantic wedding. Part II

13 of September, 2013

An intimate and romantic wedding. Organized entirely by the couple. The photographer Monica Carrera explains in her post that the bride Ainhoa​​, chose all the details of this fabulous rustic wedding: the bouquet of lavender, candles with...

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Magic wedding in Formentera, Fernando + Maria.

11 of July, 2013

Degroote wedding photography sent us these great pictures of a wonderful wedding in Formentera.: Fernando + María. We're completely captivated by the beauty, freshness and creativity of...

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Magic wedding in Formentera, Fernando + Maria. II

10 of July, 2013

We must make a special mention to the fabulous guests. One of our favorite images is the one above, all the guests dressed in white with oriental umbrella. A note of style in the endless details of wedding full of sensitivity and harmony. ...

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Magic wedding in Formentera, Fernando + Maria. III

10 of July, 2013

There are ‪ magical places‬ in the world. Who has been here knows what we're talking about. A ‪ place made of ‪wishes, that inspired movies and has become true moments unforgettable. T...

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