We celebrate the end of vacations with this gorgeous bride in Mantua wedding dress

26 of August, 2013

We return from summer vacation with this post of a bride full of enthusiasm. Lorena sent us this beautiful picture with wedding dress Mantua from the collection Ibiza! A design with a bohemian and roman...

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Laura Sauceda surprises us with a stunning wedding pic on YolanCris twitter.

25 of July, 2013

We love surprises! Laura Sauceda @laurysauceda mention us on twitter  and surprised us with this fabulous photograph of herwedding day with Boston wedding dress from‬ Lumière brida...

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The fabulous wedding of Eli G. of Lost in Vogue

18 of July, 2013

"May 25, 2013. A date that has been marked in my life as the happiest day of my life." This is the fabulous beginning of the post that  Eli G has dedi...

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The fabulous wedding of Eli G. of Lost in Vogue II

17 of July, 2013

Catania wedding dress by YolanCris was adapted to Eli G, is a two-piece wedding dress, the inner part is made ​​of chantilly in a lingerie style and thin straps, the top with a stylish sleeve is a crafty work of different types of Fr...

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We already have the winner of the YC Buzz Contest!

15 of July, 2013

The contest has ended! and against all expectations the winner has reached the first position at the last minute... Who will she be? The winner had a requirement, share and publicize the...

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Magic wedding in Formentera, Fernando + Maria.

11 of July, 2013

Degroote wedding photography sent us these great pictures of a wonderful wedding in Formentera.: Fernando + María. We're completely captivated by the beauty, freshness and creativity of...

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Magic wedding in Formentera, Fernando + Maria. II

10 of July, 2013

We must make a special mention to the fabulous guests. One of our favorite images is the one above, all the guests dressed in white with oriental umbrella. A note of style in the endless details of wedding full of sensitivity and harmony. ...

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Magic wedding in Formentera, Fernando + Maria. III

10 of July, 2013

There are ‪ magical places‬ in the world. Who has been here knows what we're talking about. A ‪ place made of ‪wishes, that inspired movies and has become true moments unforgettable. T...

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MºCarmen, a coquettish and girly YolanCris bride.

2 of July, 2013

Hope that brides' poses will never lose the grace or coquetry of in their wedding photos! In this pic MºCarmen Ruiz made us dream. Sweet, feminine, flirty withou...

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Cristina, in "Rock the party" cocktail dress by YolanCris

1 of July, 2013

Here she is! Cristina from Puertollano, Spain. She went to a wedding this weekend wearing a YolanCris cocktail dress. If you follow us on twitter you will remember that Cristina also got married in a Yo...

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