Look 17

As if it was taken from a fairytale, this evening dress in green tulle will steal all the looks. This midi cut dress, made with different layers of illusion tulle on the surface that show a little bit on the interior. We should highlight the guipure applications recreating floral motifs that accentuate the waistline and add a corsé/bustier effect on the bust that shows a lot of femininity.

Look 19

A dream made in tulle. This is the way we could define this evening dress made in embroidered tulle in orange tones. The bustier structure, give it lingerie touch to the ensemble. This dress exudes femininity and romaticism, with which you'll be the center of attention in your special occassion.

Look 21

Looking for a printed party and evening dress? This design shows femininity and shows a great lightness that only the best chiffon silk can achieve. On the bateau neckline, the pucker on the bust until the dropped sleeves, they make come to our mind the comfort of the fabrics made in ancient Greece.  

Look 22

Who can resist to this mermaid-silhouetted pink dress? This design is created to accentuate the femininity of a woman's figure. It is made with an exclusive lace embroidered with an explosion of different flowers. To complete the total look, we ask you to wear a vest in the same fabric.

Look 23

A jewel made dress! This is the only way we could define this mixture of different fabrics. On the one hand, a netted tulle base embroided with pearl-toned rhinestoes. On the side, big rhinestone flowers in blue embroidered over a tulle base. Sensuality and elegance in a look created to surprise. 

Look 28

This is a unique tunica evening gown with long sleeves, made with cloche printed fabric. This light and elegant design melts together infinite colors. We should highlight the silver and golden application with floral motifs on the neckline.

Look 35

Sexy and romantic are the characteristics that best define this look. On the one hand, the minidress made of pink lace and long sleeves in which infinite flowers are hand applied. On the other hand, a pleated tulle layer on tone that covers the silhouerre until the hem letting the silhouette show off a little bit. 

Look 42

The most spring-inspired bet! A cocktail printed dress will make you shine in a very feminine way. The silk satin bandeau is covered in floral guipure ornaments in rosé colour. On the waist, the cloche organza skirt falls whose print reminds us of the naturista paintings of Renoir. Romanticism and elegance in each stitch.

Look 43

As a nymph! This way will make you feel as if this dress in tulle and mid transparent lace is a garden hand made on the surface. The different applications in coloured macramé give life to a design that will make you feel the center of all looks.

Look 45

Pink and red, why not? This original bicolor evening dress is full of contrasts and details to look at. One part of the dress is the central piece, made in red guipure that contrasts with the lightness of the pleated organza of the skirt that falls from the bandeau. The detail to highlight, the fitted tulle sleeves embroidered with beautiful stars and beading that match the skirt. Dare to be original!

Look 48

The illusion effect on the dresses is a characteristic that repeats itself on the new 2018 Spring Summer Collection. This design combines a black and white printed organza dress and an overdress in transparent tulle full of hand-sewn guipure details. The purpose of this ensemble? Creating a 3D effect whose originality has no limits.

Look 49

This evening dress with subtle transparencies. Among the 2018 trends, the "nude is the new black". This tulle semi-transparent dress with floral applications applied in an explosion of colour. Very elegant and romantic, that will make you shine.

Look 51

The nude colour has come to stay and this party and evening dress is a good proof of it. This design in classic cut is full of details that make it unique. The floral applications embroidered on the v-neckline, butterflies and spikes go along all the skirt and even a fine tulle layer give it an ethereal and feminine touch. This safe bet is for every special occasion.

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Viladomat wedding dress. Tigh waist and full skirt, transparencies trend and hand-sewn silk green leaves and flowers. A couture handwork inspired by the returning to nature concept of Romantic era or Romanticism.