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Look 1

F/W 2017 Couture

Strapless neckline haute couture evening dress with a handmade system of bars, as a kind of corset. Besides the silk ribbon covering waist, jet paillettes and metallic fringes are the perfect choice for decorating the bodice of this elegant black lace look.

Collection F/W 2017 Couture

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Strapless neckline evening dress with a handmade system of bars, as a kind of corset. Besides the silk ribbon covering waist, jet paillettes and metallic fringes are the perfect choice for decorating the bodice of this elegant black lace look.

Look 1

Strapless neckline haute couture evening dress with a handmade system of bars, as a kind of corset. Besides the silk ribbon covering waist, jet paillettes and metallic fringes are the perfect choice for decorating the bodice of this elegant black lace look.

Look 2

Winning someone's heart is easy for this haute couture evening dress with mermaid shape. The transparencies portray a second-skin effect on a magic design, in which tulle combines with all type of details, such as paillettes, gemstones or floral overlays. Nude, crème and pale pink colour the look, finished with golden thread. A long jacket with matching feathers is without a doubt the best accessory.

Look 3

Charm and class with a naive essence. This short, medium-sleeve haute couture evening dress is the perfect choice to make silhouette more slender. The contrasts of fabrics, such as plumeti, tulle or applications as feathers, ribbons or paillettes turn the look into an authentic artwork.

Look 4

Long-sleeved haute couture evening dress with mermaid silhouette, uncovered shoulders and transparencies that recreate a second-skin effect. Made with tulles, all the metal paillettes embroided and spread out the apparel portray all kinds of geometric figures. Elegance and personality all-in-one!

Look 5

This romantic long-sleeved haute couture evening dress with bateau neckline cannot be missing in any special occasion. The delicacy of the silhouette combines perfectly with the metal applications spread over all the apparel. Transparencies create an extremely sexy second-skin effect. A jacket of the same pattern complements the look.

Look 6

The synonym that fits the best with this haute couture evening dress is seduction. The daring lingerie V-neck top, which let the backs uncovered, joins the lace cape inside the look. Also, the tulle with indigo embroideries and pailletes give dynamism and movement, playing with a large variety of shapes.

Look 7

Ideal haute couture evening dress to walk through the red carpet. It is a majestic combination of contrasts. First, the fitted top with sweetheart neckline slenderises the figure. Second, a slightly asymetic maxi skirt and its folds provide the look with volume and dynamism. The turmeric yellow, and the golden floral brocade as well, gives the final touch to the design.

Look 8

Glamour and seduction go together in this spectacular haute couture evening dress. It has sweetheart neckline, romantic skirt and a contrast of patterns that combine perfectly for a special occasion. The floral applications fusion with the geometric shapes in the maxi skirt of patchwork style, making it an authentic piece that cannot be missing in a wardrobe. 

Look 9

Romantic haute couture evening dress irradiates delicacy and sweetness. Not only it achieves it through a sexy sweetheart neckline and the whiteness in fabrics, but also through the pleated tulle and the lace that goes through all the design. The ruffles give it movement and lightness.

Look 10

Another gown with romantic air. This haute couture evening dress with strapless neckline in pale pink irradiates magic when the delicate ruffles on the skirt move. The borders in chantilly over tulle of the skirt and the floral applications in silk make the ensemble even more beautiful!

Look 11

Haute couture evening dress with a soft mermaid silhouette. It has a cape with handmade floral patterns in blush color over a design in tulle full of embroidery in different shapes. This is a very romantic look with a modern silhouette.

Look 12

Original design in a Haute Couture evening dress. It has romantic and palace inspiration, with pink tones and tender details. The floral and metallic applications and the feathers compliment the ensemble, with a broad movement given by the strapless neckline. 

Look 13

This Haute Couture evening dress combines a tremendous V neckline, an open back and a mermaid silhouette. All the metallic applications and hand embroided pearls in orange and white tones make the design sophisticated and elegant. The paillete blouse in white is the perfect accessory. 

Look 14

This romantic haute couture evening dress cannot be missing in a closet! This romantic shape with fabrics such as tulle and chantilly lace melt with the pailletes in gold and the floral applications. They also achieve pale tones in this dress. Girls should look at the volume of the maxi skirt and the transparencies, that make a second-skin effect.

Look 15

If we add up the sweetheart neckline, the soleil pleating and maxi volumes, the equation is simple: a spectacular haute couture evening dress. The pattern decorating the tulle makes abstract drawings, with colors that evocate marbled and quartz. Elegance and class in a single piece. 

Look 16

This tender haute couture evening dress has empire neckline and romantic touches. The gown has embroided applications in silk on the bodice and green flower straps. It also has fuchsia and red on the skirt. This design has a great movement and lightness given by the silhouette. Perfect for a cocktail!

Look 17

Haute couture evening dress that comes directly from a fairytale. The romanticism is achieved by its classic shape and the mixture of rhinestones and pale pink tones with also the bateau neckline. The floral pattern and assymetric cut top up the beauty of the design. 

Look 18

If we were to describe this amber black haute couture evening dress, we would be speechless. It has a singular personality and it highlights the mixture of fabrics in a single piece: chantilly lace, scallop trims and tulle ribbons on the shoulders and also on tea length skirt. The perfect accessory is a braided leather belt. 

Look 19

The second-skin effect is the main charming of this haute couture evening dress. Nude and rosy overlapped tulles mix with colourful silk embroideries, all of them inspired by the nature and imitating flowers and animal figures. We highlight the rhinestones overlays and also the asymmetric shape.

Look 20

Empire silhouette haute couture evening dress in black, with a beautiful U-neckline and a dynamic skirt fitted around the waist. The long sleeves of the top are full of transparencies and embroidered paillettes. You cannot miss such a performance of details!

Look 21

This romantic haute couture evening dress is essential on any occasion. The classy tulle compliments the natural pattern drawn by the paillettes, with the pastel as the main colour. We highlight the volumes of the maxi skirt and a sensual bateau neckline.

Look 22

Looking for a one-of-a-kind design? This fully romantic haute couture evening dress is made for you. Tobacco is the colour that prints a sweetheart neckline as well as a bulky skirt with so much dynamism because of the tulle ruffles. You cannot miss the mix of fabrics, overlays and golden embroideries, nor the asymmetric shape!

Look 23

If you look for having a special gown in your wardrobe, this T-shaped haute couture evening dress just like a kimono becomes like the ring on your finger. Lots of fabrics are joined in the golden laces of the coat, simulating the patchwork technique: white flowers, paillettes and yet more decore it. In short, a lovely masterpiece.

Look 24

Simplicity and sensuality are the essence of this haute couture evening dress. The false off-the shoulder neckline, adorned by brilliant pearls and golden details, becomes the centre of attention. But the design is special also because of the movement of the mermaid shape. The fusion of laces and rhinestones is fascinating, and yet more with a patchwork jacket.

Look 25

Falling for this haute couture evening dress and its mermaid shape is unavoidable. The asymmetric neckline brings a singular touch, such as the movement of the skirt does. However, the most beautiful charming of this pearl design is the fusion of crèpe and tulle with paillettes manually embroided.

Look 26

Special is the best word to describe this haute couture evening dress, with an empire shape inspired by the romantic era. Thanks to the transparencies, our characteristic second-skin effect is underlined. Above a short dress with lingerie details, a tulle cape of animal and floral silk forms, in black and blue tones.

Look 27

This haute couture evening dress is one of the new YolanCris collection's highlights. Romanticism and sensuality join because of the light shape and the heart neckline. All these elements combine with different fabrics, making the design absolutely romantic. The bulky bottom piece matches a vast variety of overlays, embroideries and textures. 

Look 28

A very romantic haute couture evening dress that will make everyone fall in love. The broad palette goes from blue and black tones to hotter ones as golden, and top up the liveliness of the styling, as well as the embroided paillettes do. Ellegance is warranted by the empire shape and light transparences on the bodice and the skirt-tail.