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F/W 2017

This evening dress is pure magic. Two pieces fit perfectly in, achieving a romantic silhouette. A floral long-sleeved shirt and a short skirt with fullness complement really well. The result: an original styling, because of the mix of beautiful fabrics.

Collection F/W 2017

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Narrow long-sleeved and halter-necked evening dress. The fabric mixes black and red embroidery, which turns the look into an explosion of sensuality. We highlight the lace finishes and the fitted around the waist lines. Pure glamour!


For the most daring women! This evening gown is an authentic piece of art. The subtle neckline of the top fitted with boning combines perfectly with the flocked in blue velvet with silver details of a very long skirt. The pattern that decorates this piece is inspired by natural shapes in warm colours and a zingaro touch. The lace straps make it sexy.


Two-piece party dress. The lace blouse in off-white is decorated with big silk bows, creating an explosion of elegance. Moreover, the puffy skirt made in silk and with its natural pattern complete the ensemble. The perfect accessory is a fine cardigan in green lace with hand sewn paillettes that make floral patterns. 


Extreme cocktail dress with sweetheart neckline and double strap in satin and tulle. Several details make this black look a bomb of sensuality. The feathers and braids are all over the pleated tulle and the chiffon over the knees. Discretion and elegance put together in the same look!


Elegance in its maximum apogee. This is the perfect description for this evening gown with long sleeves and mermaid silhouette. The seduction not only is achieved with the transparencies with the tulles, but with the neckline with uncovered shoulders and some other detail in lace. We would like to highlight the volume of the fringes on mid calf.


Red carpet dress with long sleeves, made with white tulle and colorful floral details hand stitched in our atelier in Barcelona. The grips on the waist and the bichop sleeves give volume to the piece and add a beautiful hint of delicacy. The transparencies recreate our signature second skin effect and a glimpse of a lace miniskirt.


Finding the words to describe this long evening dress is simple: sensuality. The intense passion red and faux v-neck finished with lace, as well as the open back, make this piece the center of all looks. The flowy tulle of the skirt adds a little bit of volume and gives it a whimsical flair.


Spectacular evening dress with mermaid silhouette with crop top effect. The skirt in white fitted on waist made with crêpe will give it a lot of movement. Moreover, the bodice made in crystal tulle and with embroidered details is perfect to create the illusion effect that melts the dress with the skin. 


Evening dress in pale pink that has a contrast in shapes and fabrics. The strong V-neck with braids over the bodice mixes with guipure and tulle. The fringes in tulle and the transparent ruffles of the skirt end up giving a touch of volume and movement to the ensemble.


The combination of fabrics, colours and shapes make this evening dress with maxi sleeve and low waist the jewel in the crown. Floral applications and ribbons in golden thread give it an explosion of colour to the piece. Moreover, embroidered tulles and silk go together perfectly. The perfect accessory is a shawl in the same pattern, with a lot of movement given by its fringes.


Evening dress with midi lenght for women looking for a sophisticated look. The top with V-neckline is perfectly put together with the A-line skirt. The fringes combine lace, pleated crepe and satin. They go together with a tulle blouse with floral details embroided on the halter neck and a satin belt with a majestic flower in the middle. 


Sweet evening gown with a lot of personality given by its red tones. The lingerie top, with tansparencies, pencil skirt and lace with natural shapes irradiates sensuality. This attractive is reinfoirced by the evasé skirt, which has a big movement thanks to its tulle ruffles. 


Mermaid silhouette evening dress with long bishop sleeve. The transparencies and the game of tulles and lace make the design sophisticated. The most special aspect: the floral applications and hand sewn animals in our atelier in Barcelona. All very colorful!


The delicacy of this party evening dress is evident. The faux U Neckline and the puffy sleeves, the bodice made with silk lace and the boning achieve the finest silhouette with the chantilly on the skirt. What makes this piece more special and colorful are the floral applications in silk embrodered in our atelier in Barcelona.


Two piece look. No-sleeve top with halter neckline, that achieves great elegance with a mixture of fabrics: tulle, fine lace and embroidery that complement the different shapes of the dress. The puffy silk skirt and its floral pattern in fuchsia and black breaks the look and gives it a unique personality. 


Taking a risk and choosing this evening dress with mermaid silhouette is a safe bet. The bodice in transparent tulle and with applications in lace à la lingerie is mixed with the floral pattern embroided in silk. This gown is a must at the red carpet.


This evening gown has modern shapes. The flocked in black amber velvet in a beautiful sweetheart neckline creates a second skin effect, and matches perfectly with a fitted waist and the flowy tulles on the skirt. The floral headpieces in pink are the perfect accessory.


Strapless party dress. The green tones and the spike texture make it have a unique personality. The perfect accessory is a transparent blouse with long sleeves with a beautiful halter neckline and a belt to fit the silhouette perfectly. 


Evening gown with straps and v neckline, in which the red and pale pink combine perfectly thrugh the maxiskirt. All the dress is made with chantilly over tulle handmade in our atelier in Barcelona. The final touch are the heart-shaped silk applications.


The elegance in a dress. This ranglan party dress combines the transparent tulle with piqué floral applications on the sleeves. It also has aquamarine tones topped off with silver thread and paillettes. The ruffles give movement and volume to the look, whose silhouette is a little sexy given the fit of the skirt.


Evening dress with a unique personality. The sweetheart neckline and the maxi volume skirt in tea lenght accompany the multiple shapes, embroided with pailletes. Everything is inspired by the nature. The colour palette goes from white to olive green and even violet and the mixture of fabrics give to it the final touch.


This evening dress has shapes and modern mixtures. The lingerie inspiration gives femininity to the look and the transparencies in tulle decorated with pailletes and the sweetheart neckline with boarders in silk lace. The green makes it a unique and sober look.


Another jewel of the crown. This is our evening dress with empire cut and romantic silhouette. The amber black velvet of the tulle and the scallop lace on the V-neckline mix with the white, purple and orange tones of the maxi skirt. This ensemble shows off a bif volume with the fringes and pleated tulle.


Evening dress in turcmeric yellow. The silhouette is very sophisticated: the sweetheart neckline make the bodice fitted and very sexy. The puffy skirt makes it dramatic but light at the same time. The tulle, together with the silk applications, make it a unique piece.


Extreme delicacy in this evening dress with straight cut and beautiful shape. The strong sweetheart neckline and the black velvet make a simple garment but very sexy. It combines perfectly a blouse in tulle and lace with puffy shoulders and embellished with subtle metallic applications.


The modern shapes are the biggest charm of this evening gown with two-piece effect. The bodice in blakc amber velvet and its sweetheart neckline goes with a flowy and colorful skirt. We should hightlight the floral pattern of the chantilly lace of the bustier.


This is a mixture of sweetness and sexyness. This evening dress with romantic air in pale pink is a mixture of tulle, chiffon and lace. The fringes and ruffles add movement to the garment and the slit on the skirt as well as the tulle on the bodice make it a very subtle piece.


If you are looking for a diamond in your closet, this evening haute couture dress in kimono style will be all you wish for. The gold chantilly lace is the basic art in this spectacular coat, but we want to highlight the vast range of fabrics that are mixed in it,in patchwork: white flowers, wheat spikes, rhinestones and more applications that embelish it.


This evening gown has a unique magic. Two pieces are overput in a inimitable piece: a short lining with lingerie inspiration, with precious plisé and tulle details is covered by a stunning mermaid silhouette. This is extremely sexy due to the transparencies as well as the cut and the ruffles and halter neck.


Naivety is the quality that fits more properly with this empire-shaped evening dress. There are three differents parts in the whole gown: floral overlays in silk, embroidered tulle pattern and the pink velvet ruffles of the skirt. As a complement, the lace neck bow tie.


The silhouette of this evening dress is sophisticated. A tight and suggestive top with a off-the shoulders neckline goes with a voluminous midi skirt. The charm of the gown is the mix of different fabrics. Tulle, ruffles and pleated textures in black tones contrast with the colourful rhinestones and floral overlays on the back.


Evening dress inspired by burlesque and full of sensuality and elegance. The voluminous shappe and the sweetheart neckline embellish the gown. The most inspiring detail is the ensemble of black-and-white ribbons, and ruffle strips as well. It is easy to match well: a halter-neck blouse in transparent tulle with a ribbon is a good choice.


The Empire shape of this evening dress leaves everybody speechless. The sweetheart neckline, the floral pattern embroided in tulle and the lace waves are pure fantasy. This last one is maybe the most special detail, and gives the gown a Barroque inspiration.


Absolutely romantic. This modern evening dress in pale pink inspires because of all its details. The mermaid silhouette makes the woman more slender and complements with tulle ruffles on the shoulder pad and lower leg. We highlight the floral overlays embroided manually in our atellier in Barcelona and the transparencies as well.


Evening dress in coral tone only fit for the most daring women. It is made of two pieces: a bodice that mixes plaited chiffon, lace and floral overlays, and a skirt of chiffon fringes that makes the look dynamic. As the perfect complement, a pair of thigh-high boots.


This evening dress in pale pink is a clear example of our handmade tradition. The second-skine effect of the bustier joins the sheer cancan maxi skirt, and also the volumes on the shoulders. We cannot ignore the variety of the fabric mixture, that gives the gown so much quality.


If you want to surprise in a special occasion, you have to bet on this YolanCris evening dress. The asymmetric shape of the bodice and the voluminous cancan skirt combine perfectly. There is not only the tulle ribbon over the waist as a focus of attention, but also the metallic and pearl overlays that adorne the gown.


Sensational evening dress with mermaid silhouette. The shape of this gown is simple but also very feminine. The transparencies in tulle and the multicolour rhinestones portrait a second-skin effect. The borders in rosy lace of the skirt embellish the design.


The two-pieces effect is the focus of attention of this evening dress. A fine bodice in soft print tulle goes with a voluminous skirt in pleated tulle, creating contrasts in the silhouette. All in a jet black tone that makes the gown more sensual.


Pleasing evening look in lemon tones. The tight blouse with no sleeves and the large pleated skirt make the silhoutte unique. As the perfect complement, a blazer of the same yellow, with floral overlays in silk.


The assortment of colours and textures of this evening dress is charming. The overlays in tulle on the faux neck, pleated fabrics and transparent waves mix in this modern silhouette. The palette attracts attention, with turquoise and coral tones, and also neutral ones.


The asymmetric shape of this evening dress radiates an extreme sensuality. The mermaid silhouette makes this crêpe silhouette more slender. The cape in pleated tulle gives the final touch, with ellegance and tenderness. A superposition hides the neckline details.


All the unique fabrics of this evening dress make it more special. From pleat chiffon in lavender and eggplant tones to white tulles and laces. Agil and modern silhouette and original details that make the look seem oniric as overlapped.


This evening dress is pure magic. Two pieces fit perfectly in, achieving a romantic silhouette. A floral long-sleeved shirt and a short skirt with fullness complement really well. The result: an original styling, because of the mix of beautiful fabrics.


Magic and picturesque. That's how it is this black mermaid-shaped evening dress. The infinity of details that adorn the look is extraordinary: lace embroideries, satin ruffles, geometric prints on the top. The transparencies bring to light the sensuality of a extremely bulky design.


Sophisticated evening dress which mixes different fabrics and a modern silhouette. The asymmetric U-neckline bodice combines perfectly with transparencies and sheer materials. Its superposition brings a romantic essence, with floral embroideries giving the colour touch. The satin flower on the waist is another beautiful detail.


This magic evening dress is extremely romantic, in part because of its classical silhouette. Ellegance is in favour of this Empire shape design with a beautiful strapless neckline. Superposition of fabrics, floral embroideries throghout the look and pale tones make everyone fall immediately into love.


Empire-shaped evening look inspired by boho chic style. The tight blouse and the voluminous skirt create a gown full of details such as dies strips, ballon sleeves and floral overlays that embellish the transparencies. This ellegant and rebellious 'Maladeta' design could be also worn as a wedding dress.


Gorgeous two-piece cocktail dress. The blouse with long sleeves and in transparent tulle recreates one of our signatures: the second skin effect. The shoulder pads give volume and fit to the silhouette, as well as the pencil skirt until mid leg. The Houndstooth pattern and the hand-sewn floral appliquées gives it a touch of modernism to the style.