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New York fashion show F/W 2017

Short wedding dress made of valenciennes lace motifs, amd illusion tulle neckline. Bouquet flowers are all along the dress. At the back there is a large cathedral train made of sheering tulle.

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Collection New York fashion show F/W 2017

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Short wedding dress with a silhouette inspired by the fifties, of a tight bodice and sweetheart neckline adorned with bouquets of white flowers. The gown is made of satin with golden chantilly and also a fabric with rhinestones embroided and oro vecchio, in a fish-scale pattern. 


Bohemian style wedding gown. This is the perfect dress if you are looking for a surprysing, original and light style! Made of chiffon which makes the dress so light and etheral. It is full of details that make it a very special design. Specially detailed handcrafted braid on the neckline, entwined with golden rings, as well as the slits of the skirt.


Transparent wedding dress in ivory tulle, with floral embroideries and overlays in croché. The charming of this gown is on all the details mixed there: the Renaissance neck, the blurred lace, straight sleeves with ribbons... A look inspired by Victorian era that suits perfectly with a cocoon jacket, with poofy quarter length sleeves filled with golden motifs.


Romantic wedding gown with a pattern that remind us of the greek muses. It has a draped bodice with nacre and macramé embellishments. It also has a very feminine silhouette fitted to waist, from which emerges a Chantilly lace pleated skirt. Femininity and craftsmanship get together to create a unique wedding dress, with a cardigan with fringes and rhinestones as the ideal complement.


The lightest wedding dress for the most sensual and daring bride. An original woven in the chest, handcrafted, is crossed with rings and motifs in golden tones. From the waist they hang different handkerchiefs cutted in the bies couture technique made with silk bambula. 


Short wedding dress made of valenciennes lace motifs, amd illusion tulle neckline. Bouquet flowers are all along the dress. At the back there is a large cathedral train made of sheering tulle.


Short wedding dress with a long cathedral train in ivory silk. The off-the shoulders neckline and the balloon sleeves make the look more voluminous and elegant. We highlight the variety of details that embellish this design, such as the ribbon over the waist and the Renaissance neck with floral pattern lace as well.


Large wedding dress with straight long sleeves and a spectacular frontal cape in ivory tulle. The infinity of ruffles of the skirt provide the gown with movement and dynamism, in contrast to the tight bodice. The floral overlays of the belt give the final touch to the look.


Empire-shaped wedding dress with braces, in ivory lace of valenciennes. The floral overlays, of the same fabric, adorn the crèpe georgette cape. Girls should look at the low back and also the large cathedral's panel train with pleated tulle ruffles. Wedding dress ANETO 


Romantic wedding dress with two pieces: a fine blouse in pleated tulle, with Victorian long-sleeves, and a long skirt in transparent tulle with lace details. The perfect complement for this gown is a cocoon coat in ivoire cloqué, adorned with floral and Byzantine motifs in golden.


Two piece wedding dress, made of a tight large-sleeved blouse in ivory tulle and an A-line large skirt that mixes chiffon and satin. It is a gown full of details, such as the ruffles and also the floral embroideries, which perfectly complements with the cathedral train and its different finishes.


Long-sleeve wedding dress in pizzo grosso silk with floral pattern, in ivory tones. This gown portraits a two-piece effect: the tight bodice from top to waist goes with an evasé skirt and a large panel train. The perfect complement is a cathedral veil embroided with flowers and paillettes as well. Below, Another tight bodice with transparencies in ivory tulle is underneath. Wedding dress ALEXANDRA 

DUARTE dress - EVEREST cape

Mermaid wedding dress made of crepe. accessorized by a maxi cape made of tulle plise.


Tight long-sleeve wedding dress made of pizzo gross in ivory colour and adorned with floral patterns. The bateau neckline and the A-line skirt go together perfectly, and create and incredible gown with a long tall train as the focus of attention. 


The perfect mermaid wedding dress! The bodice of this elegant bridal gown is made of rebrodé lace
with floral motifs mixed with little swarovski crystals. The skirt is made with a mix of fabrics: organza plisé, silked bambula and Marabú feathers. To get the perfect bridal look it has a long sleeve cape full of details: silver chains, natural feathers and transparent glass buttons on the cuffs.


Wedding dress with no sleeves and mermaid silhouette, in off-white. Design full of transparencies mixed with lots of details in plumetti and lace, floral overlays and also rhinestones. The panel train is adorned by a beautiful floral pattern. The vail n.900 is the perfect wedding complement.


Elegant long sleeved wedding dress, mermaid silhouette, with a sober boat neckline. The body is made of crêpe contrasting with the skirt of  French lace. The perfect accessory is this cathedral veil made with the same lace as the skirt. 


Wedding dress inspired by Renaissance, in ivory cloque with metallic golden motifs. The gown recreates an incredible two-piece effect: a tight bodice with sweetheart neckline contrasts with the mermaid silhouette of the skirt. The huge bulky overskirt, with a front gather, gives the look the final touch. Wedding dress ACONCAGUA 


Long-sleeved wedding dress of an incredible mermaid silhouette in off-white and also ivory. The transparencies portrait a second-skin effect, becoming the main focus of attention of the design. Floral overlays, balloon sleeves and lace make this wedding gown more elegant and sophisticated.


Short wedding dress with a square neckline and also a bulky train in ivoire silk and oro vecchio. The soft balloon sleeves and the huge skirt with folds from different fabrics are very classy: not only because of the texture embroided with metallic gold, but also the Renaissance floral pattern. 


Elegant wedding dress, Byzantine style and mermaid silhouette made of lace and floral motifs on the neck. The skirt is made of tulle with handsewn flowers, and ruffles on the waist creating a peplum effect. 
This Couture gown, has a removable train made with the same brocade fabric as the bodice. 


Dare a blush colour wedding dress! This Haute Couture gala dress has a double V-neckline that ends in a waistline full of hand-embroidered crystals that continue at the back. And last but not least a long cathedral-style train made of blush tulle, follows the dress.


Straight mini wedding dress of Renaissance style with a large panel train, made with blush lace and guipur. The wheat motifs in oro vecchio are through the straight bodice and the evasé skirt. Also, the long sleeves, which are balloon on the top, make the gown more elegant.  


Wedding dress with mermaid silhouette in illusion tulle and lace, in which pale pink and golden embroideries go perfectly. The false straight neckline and the dreamy transparencies underneath all the floral overlays embellish the gown. The large cathedral train is adorned by the same golden nature pattern.

Yolanda and Cristina