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Black gown 1523

A/W 2014-15 FASHION

Collection A/W 2014-15 FASHION

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Short black lace dress 1581

Short black lace dress 1581

Short black lace dress with V-neckline. The perfect classic outfit for any cocktail party.
New autumn winter collection 2014-2015 by YolanCris with the latest fashion trends in red carpet dresses.

Red carpet dress 1507

Red carpet dress 1507

Black Red carpet dress 1508

Red Carpet dress 1508

Black party dress, with a lovely low back neckline. Made of different textures of fabrics that give softness, delicacy and attitude to an evening gown with a personal style, an unique design by YolanCris. The perfect dress for both attending a fancy party as any red carpet premiere.

Blue lace dress 1518

Blue lace dress 1518

Electric blue dress with guipure ladylike style, one of the bets for next winter YolanCris. The perfect accessory to this cocktail dress is the YolanCris black leather belt with decorative bow, so feminine.

Red cocktail dress 1520

Lace red dress 1520

Red cocktail dress made of an excellent silk guipure, knee-length, ladylike style and a beautiful strapless neckline.

Lace gown 1522

Lace dress 1522

Lace dress in black color and elegant pastel borders colors: pinks, greens, creams. An elegant couture design with sheer silk tulle.

Blue red carpet dress

Blue long gown 1526

This couture dress made ​​of electric blue guipure vertical borders over a sheer fabric base, is a nice handmade couture work made in Barcelona, ​​which will be tailored made to each woman. The mermaid silhouette and a slight train that can be optional, gives femininity and mysticism to this red carpet dress by YolanCris.

white prom dress

Long lace gown 1528

Long white lace prom dress with a nice electric blue detail, with a craft in the skirt. The tunic silhouette and halter neckline, make a delicate but very modern gown following the latest trends in fashion for autumn winter 2014-2015. An original, different and very unique design made by our fashion designers, YolanCris: Yolanda and Cristina Pérez.

Short print dress with strapless neckline

Short printed dress 1569

Short print dress with strapless neckline. This is a modern, feminine and youthful party dress. The floral print simulates cross stitch. Do you dare with the new fashion trends proposed by YolanCris Barcelona fashion designers?

red carpet dresses black & white 1580

Long lace gown 1580

Elegant black & white red carpet dress by YolanCris Barcelona. Classy and unique style made ​​of the finest fabrics. The V-neckline along with a black belt and also a black applique on the shoulders, give a sophisticated twist on a fabric with floral embossed in white tones, front slit and  pleated tulle and lace train. This is one of the most elaborate dresses for next autumn winter 2014-2015 couture collection.

prom dress

Long black lace gown 1589

Long black red carpet dress made ​​of fine lace and delicate jet jeweled fabric. The elegance of this look is completed with short sleeves and a nice cut waist. This makes it a perfect evening dress for any event.

Marie Antoinette new trend

Blouse 1501- skirt 1501

Marie Antoinette and the volumes of the eighteenth century serves to inspire this couture ensemble consisting of a delicate blouse handmade with the finest chantillies and lace. This is one of the new autumn-winter trend for YolanCris cocktail dresses. Porcelain blue bound to ivory tones in a soft floral print and maxi volume skirt.

Couture blouse 1501 & skirt 1505

Couture blouse 1502- skirt 1517

Couture Blouse 1502 - Skirt 1550

Couture blouse 1502 - Skirt 1551

Couture blouse_1510_skirt_1567

Couture blouse 1512 - skirt1504

Couture blouse 1513 - skirt 1587

Couture blouse 1519 - skirt 1519

Couture blouse 1532 - skirt 1521

Couture blouse 1535 - skirt 1535

Couture blouse 1536 - skirt 1536

Couture bllouse 1537 - skirt 1534

Couture blouse 1543 - skirt 1543

Couture blouse 1546 - skirt 1575

Couture blouse 1553 - skirt 1553

Couture blouse 1554 - skirt 1552

Couture blouse 1562 - skirt 1574

Couture blouse 1554 - skirt 1560

Couture blouse 1565 - skirt 1588

Couture blouse 1578 - pants 1336

Couture blouse 1579 - skirt 1577

Couture blouse 1582 - skirt 1566

Couture blouse 1583 - skirt 1570

Couture blouse 1592 - skirt 1561

Evening gown 1524

Evening gown 1503

Strapless gown 1506

Evening gown 1509

Strapless evening gown 1511

Red gown 1514

Evening gown 1516

Black gown 1523

Red evening gown 1529

Lace gown 1531

Evening gown 1533

Short white dress 1548

Evening gown 1549

Tunic dress 1557

Top 1510 - lace skirt 1525

Top 1586 - lace skirt 1525