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S/S 17

Crêpe joins lacing and both fabrics create a unique gown! Large and light evening dress in electric blue, long sleeves and pleated bodice. A monochromatic design extremely elegant and sophisticated.

Collection S/S 17

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Romantic evening dress, extremely feminine. The bodice is made of lace and fine trims in white, whereas the skirt is a handmade jewel, where there are black overlays in rebrodé, guipur and chantilly, all them swen one by one manually.


Two-layer evening dress of straight silhouette in pastel tones. The inner gown is made of lace, mixing soft colours and making a degradé effect. A fine tulle with embroidered rhinestones in black and 3D floral overlays starts from the bodice. An ethereal design perfect for the most ellegant guests!


Strapless evening dress inspired by Barcelona and the modernist style that marked a milestone in the city for the 19th century finishes. The main fabrics in this gown are satin and tulle, but adorned with overlays embroidered manually drawing a colourful floral pattern. A unique craft piece!

On the right, a babydoll evening dress of the same fabrics, but in a naifer version.


LOOK 4/ Sophistication and ellegance in this haute couture evening dress with rhinestones and train, made in green taffeta. A unique long-sleeved gown, tight over the waist. 3D floral overlays are all over the design: sleeves, waist, neckline. The voluminous mullet skirt makes the look solemner and turns it into the perfect styling for the red carpet events.

LOOK 5/ Only an excellent rhinestones fabric like this one could bring such a special ellegance to your look. This evening dress with mermaid silhouette in grass green is a handmade jewel. Discreet round neckline, tight-fitting shape and charming sleeves inspired by medieval era. All them complement with the neckline in the back and the short train.


Mi-di evening dress inspired by Gaudí and his popular Modernism. This gown is mainly made of satin and ivory tulle. The geometric from of the pattern are sewn one by one in our atellier in Barcelona, recreating a stained glass efect of diferent tones in blue. The finishes of the voluminous skirt hide flowers in white guipur, that draw beautiful floral relieves.


Golden evening dress inspired by the fifties style. Fine strapless necline in ivory satin and tulle adorned with little circular embroideries in oro vecchio. Different embroideries and guipures are all over the skirt, portraying floral motifs in silver and golden tones. The perfect look for those guests in love with the haute couture!


Short evening dress with the silhouette inspired by the fifties. The sweetheart neckline of its tight bodice is adorned with bouquets of white flowers. The gown is mainly made of satin and golden chantilly, but also the fabric embroidered whit rhinestones and oro vecchio in a fish-scale pattern.


Short evening dress with a long cathedral train in ivory silk. The off-the shoulders neckline and the balloon sleeves make the look more voluminous and elegant. We highlight the variety of details that embellish this design, such as the ribbon over the waist and the Renaissance neck with floral pattern lace as well.


A magic jewel! This is the only way we could define this evening dress adorned with infinite details that remember us to Ancient Greece. There you see portraited and embroidered majestic horses, kings, knights and geometric stripes. In addition to the short gown, the bateau neckline and the tight sleeves, we highlight the crop-top effect in the front and also the subtle back overskirt.

LOOK 11 - LOOK 12

LOOK 11/ Black evening dress with Bohemian transparencies, all in tulle. The bodice of this gown has a beautiful braid made manually with valencienne stripes. At the bottom, a loose gipsy skirt with transparencies and black laces.

LOOK 12/ The perfect look for any guest. The crop-top bodice is embroidered with chains and pleated trims in black velvet that portray floral motifs. The short skirt inspired by fifties is adorned with green and black flowers. It is without a doubt an extremely ellegant bet!

LOOK 13 - LOOK 14

LOOK 13/ The way to be the perfect guest. This evening dress mixes ellegance with the Bohemian style, with a meticulous handmade work. The braided bodice with valenciennes straps and a skirt full of laces and stringes portraying ears, with gipsy airs.

LOOK 14/ Original two piece wedding dress, made of a crop-top and evasé skirt. The long-sleeved blouse in lace is adorned by colourful trims, and so it is a skirt of a fifties-styled fullness.


For those who think that less is more! This evening dress in a stylsih blue electric tone, with strapless neckline and geometric motifs, is a must that cannot be missing in your wardrobe.


A romantic and extremely feminine option. This evening dress of fifties airs has an involved collage of chantilly and trims overlays and floral ornaments, that ends with a huge horse embroidered in the skirt.


Asymmetric evening dress with mermaid silhouette, in laces of different brown tones that sketch geometric motifs. The subtle transparencies emphasize the sensuality of this gown.

LOOK 18 - LOOK 19

LOOK 18/ Inspired by nature, this evening dress in copper and nude tones is pure elegance. Made of tulle and floral embroideries. This asymmetric and tight-fitting gown is perfect for special occasions.

LOOK 19/ Portraying the second-skin effect, this long-sleeved evening dress mixes different copper and nude tones, in tulle adorned with 3D floral embroideries. An exceptionally original and elegant bet!


This short evening dress with overtrain is one of the most trending choices for this spring. A gown made of fabrics with embroided geometric motifs, which contrasts with the lightness of the train in black plisé organza.

LOOK 21 - LOOK 22

LOOK 21/ Short romantic evening dress, with embroidered bodice and trims strips. Chantilly overlays in colours mixed throughout the gown, portraying a pattern effect.

LOOK 22/ An ellegant and feminine choice. Long evening dress in blush and nude tones, with illusion bishop sleeves. Overlays in lace and cuttings in chantilly and trims for all the styling. The elegance in a dress!


An authentic evening dress that will leave everybody speechless! This tight-fitting gown of asymmetric silhouette is made of tulle embroidered with hundreds of chains, in the way of fringes. We highlight all the silver rhinestones on the neck. Pure fantasy!


An absolutely sensual and elegant gown! This evening dress with lateral slits and asymmetric shape will make you shine in all of your events. Made of a fine tulle draped in blush tones and adornred with pink rhinestones.


Mini evening dress in the way of lady-like style, with colourful floral embroideries, batwing sleeves and V-neck. All in a main fabric in black lace.


The perfect evening dress! This look is made of a three quarters sleeved blouse in net fabric with flowers embroidered, and a maxi skirt with pockets in green taffeta. Emphasyzed silhouettes that take us to the glamorous fifties.


Pure elegance! Evening look made of a colourful bodice with paillettes and a maxi skirt in green lace taffety with pockets.

LOOK 28 - LOOK 29

LOOK 28/ Evening look for our more ellegant guests! The bodice is made of guipur fabrics in yellow and pink tones. But the main character is a mi-di maxi skirt in yellow taffety with pockets to both sides.

LOOK 29/ Evening look with an ideal jacket for the guests! Made in an exclusive cotton guipur, with geometric motifs in yellow and pink. The inner dress stands out because of the strapless neckline and the tight silhouette, that emphasizes the figure.


Simplicty and elegance in the same gown. This short evening dress with two-pieces efect is made of an exclusive brocade fabric in sky-blue, beige and ivory tones, sketching a unique and shining pattern. 

LOOK 31 - LOOK 32

Two silhouettes in the same gown! Print evening dressses for guests that make a difference. Designs in the same cloqué fabric in blue and white tones: one made of sweetheart neckline and shirred mullet skirt, and the other with a beautiful bow in a more Bohemian neck. You choose!

LOOK 33 - LOOK 34

LOOK 33/ Dresses full of details! Mini evening dress in a baby-doll style, in white lacing adorned with chantilly overlays embroidered manually, portraying at the same time a modernist pattern.

LOOK 34/ Large mi-di evening cocktail with strapless neckline, in white organza that goes perfectly with chantilly overlays in black and white tones. We also highlight the black flowers at the bottom of the gown.


A print evening dress extremely elegant! This voluminous gown with V-neck is made of an exclusive silk in yellow with colourful flower motifs. The fine and pure lines embellish the feminine silhouette.


The evening dresses in makeup tones are more and more trending! This large gown in pale pink is perfect for any event. It is made of a fine silk tulle with embroidered flowers and also overlays. We highlight the V-neck, embellihing the bodice.


Straight mini evening dress, Renaissance style with a large panel train, made with blush lace and guipur. The wheat motifs in oro vecchio are through the straight bodice and the evasé skirt. Also, the long sleeves, which are balloon on the top, make the gown more elegant. 


When simplicity and elegance go together! Evening dress in the fifties style, strapless neckline of pure and tight lines, in jacquard organza. The mini cape in electric blue lacing 17-12 gives the final touch of colour.


Short evening dress with sweetheart neckline, with a pattern of geometric forms. This gown is made of liquid organza, so it puts a sheen on it when in movement.

LOOK 40 - LOOK 41

LOOK 40/ A perfect design for shining in the red carpet. Evening dress in electric blue with a beautiful bateau neckline and a voluminous mullet skirt. A gown in taffety adorned with floral embroideries of different sizes. An authentic jewel full of details you cannot let escape!

LOOK 41/ Long-sleeved evening dress of mermaid silhouette in electric blue, in lacing adorned with flowers thoroughly embroidered. Bateau neckline on the back, extremely sensual and feminine.

LOOK 42 - LOOK 43

LOOK 42/ Original tea length evening dress with strapless neckline, in net fabric with pink embroidered flowers over the chiffon in silk. An absolutely sophisticated option!

LOOK 43/ Evening look made of two pieces: an embroidered bustier of peplum silhouette in ivory and pink tones, and a narrow skirt.


Elegant gowns for special occasions. This voluminous evening dress with strapless neckline pays homage to the classic silhouettes. Made of organza adorned with floral embroideries and ear motifs, mixing fine laces. We highlight the bulky illusion sleeves and the bateau neckline.


The embroidered flowers come alive in this large evening dress in pink tulle. Elegant and extremely feminine, a gown that portrays the second-skine effect. Some flowers are overlayed three-dimensionally on the waist and others are embroidered over the skirt. A successful design!


An evening dress of Bohemian style, perfect for those occasions in which dresscode requires it. This long-sleeved gown is made of an exclusive lacing, whose pattern seems as tattooed in the skin.


Directly from a fairytale! This large evening dress of romantic style is pure feminity and class. The protagonists are the flowers in mauve tones embroidered in nude tulle, invading all the gown.

LOOK 48 - LOOK 49

LOOK 48/ For the guests in love with red! Long evening dress with embroidered flowers and subtle V-neckline.

LOOK 49/ Short evening dress in guipur of different burgundy tones, drawing floral motifs. Back to the sixties style!


Elegant large evening dress in a princess style. Gown with an illusion neckline in black taffety and a voluminos skirt in print organza. A perfect design for shining in memorable occasions!


Elegant large evening dress with lateral slits and V-neckline. The bodice is made of crêpe, which contrasts with the skirt in print gazaar. Both pieces are joined by a huge bow, that slenderizes the waist. Feminity and simplicity melted in this safe bet!


Crêpe joins lacing and both fabrics create a unique gown! Large and light evening dress in electric blue, long sleeves and pleated bodice. A monochromatic design extremely elegant and sophisticated.