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ACEBO wedding dress

Couture BRIDE

Romantic Wedding gown inspired by nature, made with one of the most exclusive tulle with hand sewn leaves made in silk. The lining in blush gives it a hint of pink to the ensemble. 

Collection Couture BRIDE

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ABELIA wedding dress

Wedding gown with fitted to body peplum. The upper part is a bustier with boning, sollowed by a small crinoline that gives it volume. Brides should look at the overskirt made in silk organza with floral motifs. Lining included.

ABETO wedding dress

A-line wedding gown, fitted to waist and bustier with ligerie inspiration. It has been made with silk organdy which makes a striped effect. The perfect accessory, the Nispero cape made with soft organza and ethereal aspect tied to the neck and with open back. 

ACEBO wedding dress

Romantic Wedding gown inspired by nature, made with one of the most exclusive tulle with hand sewn leaves made in silk. The lining in blush gives it a hint of pink to the ensemble. 

ALAMO wedding dress

Elegant wedding gown in nude perfect for the brides looking for an unconventional dress. Brides should look at the effect of sequins sewn on the delicate tulle, making Damasque drawings and for a unique piece. 

CAPELINA +ANIS wedding dress

The perfect wedding gown to avoid mainstream. This design in midi length combines different fabrics; Chantilly lace for the bust and embroidered tulle, lace and feathers on the skirt. The perfect accessory? The Poleo cape. This exclusive chic piece combines different fringes made from different materials sewn by hand.  

ALBAHACA wedding dress

Wedding gown in blush color, made in silk tulle. Very light and flowy with a generous neckline, enhanced by the sides made in pleated tulle ¿The perfect accessory? The 840 belt with boning and beaded applications in silver. 

ARCE wedding dress

This romantic ensemble is made of a blouse and a tulle skirt. Ethereal and light as a feather, the victorian sleeves make it a very sophisticated look. It comes with lining. 

BAMBU wedding dress

This simple wedding gown is made with an exclusive natural silk Mikado in ivory. It also has an original two piece cut and gold guipure applications on bust and skirt with floral motifs.  

BENJUI wedding dress

A unique Wedding gown with a lot of personality. This design is inspired by the victorian era and it has puffy sleeves full of details. The skirt is made of the finest tulle with guipure applications sewn by hand. This is an ode to the artisan couture. It comes with lining. 

BRECINA wedding dress

A unique Wedding gown with a lot of personality. This design is inspired by the victorian era and it has puffy sleeves full of details. The skirt is made of the finest tulle with guipure applications sewn by hand. This is an ode to the artisan couture. It comes with lining. 

BREZO wedding dress

Two-piece Wedding gown, with a upper bustier with boning and a dramatic skirt of embroidered lace with organdy and tulle. This dress is for the bride looking for a classic design with a risky and sexy touch. The best accessory is the 837 belt that completes the look.  

CANELA wedding dress

This unique Wedding gown has ranglan sleeves and macramé stripes embroidered in silver thread over the finest tulle. These stripes fall from the neckline until the bust area. The mixture of exclusive fabrics is the main feature of the skirt: macramé in ivory mixes with the finest white Chantilly lace giving it a beautiful contrast. This unique and artisanal design will make the bride fall in love with traditional couture and fabrics.    

CAPUCHINA wedding dress

Wedding gown with a simple and lean Silhouette. This design plays with contrasts. On the one hand, the top part is made with white silk Mikado and on the other hand the skirt is made with the same fabric, with drawings that reminds us of cashmere. 

CARDAMOMO wedding dress

Romantic Wedding gown with a pattern that remind us of the greek muses. It has a draped bodice with nacre and macramé embellishments. It also has a very feminine silhouette fitted to waist, from which emerges a Chantilly lace pleated skirt. Femininity and craftsmanship get together to create a unique wedding dress.  

CEREZO wedding dress

Tulle Wedding gown, very ethereal and fitted to waist. The crossed bust made of tulle in nude is very sexy and feminine. This design has a multi-layer plisé skirt made layer by layer by hand in our atelier in Barcelona. 

CIPRES wedding dress

This Wedding gown is for the most urbanite bride. This mixture fusions the finest laces with metal applications that give to it a Rockstar flair. This modern design made with a mixture of fabrics: fretworked crochet, listed Chantilly lace and macramé applications. 

CITRONELA wedding dress

This Wedding gown is elegant and simple, has fitted Silhouette and is made with an exclusive tulle with beading. This design embodies romanticism and elegance.

LOOK DE NOVIA Corset 16-84 Falda 16-128 Cinturon 16-165

This Wedding gown for the alternative bride exudes sensuality and romanticism equally. This two-piece design, made with a bustier with boning and transparencies and a dramatic skirt embroidered with pink flowers, is an option for all those brides looking for something different and in trend. 

ESPINO wedding dress

This Wedding gown with V-neck has sewn incredible organza 3D flowers made by hand. These flowers mix with the printed flowers on the tulle fabric. This unique design and filled with details will keep all eyes on the bride. 

ESPLIEGO wedding dress

A Wedding dress that will make fall in love all brides looking for the finest silk lace fabric! With the most feminine design, with open back and small train. 

FRAMBUESA wedding dress

A design full of romanticism! This Wedding Gown with weetheart neckline and bohemian sleeves made with an exclusive delicate flowered embroidered macramé. We highlight the open back covered in transparent tulle and the overskirt effect on the back.

GALIO wedding dress

Asymmetric wedding gown in blush & ivory. The perfect look to stand out in a crowd! A modern and unique design, made in silk tulle, Victorian style. New in for the latest Bridal trends that has come to stay!

HAYA wedding dress

Ballgown wedding dress, in strapless, full of elegance and sophistication. A design tightened to waist, with a volume skirt made in the finest lace. With delicate silk flowers sewn by hand in the most craftsman way, adding a 3D effect to the dress.

HELECHO wedding dress

Sweetheart Bridal Gown in nude color. A special design for all those brides looking for a colored option for their most special day! Made with nude organdie with bands in ivory macramé creating a marvelous contrast.

HIBISCUS wedding gown

The trendiest wedding gown! This design is full of details that will make you stand out in a crowd! Made with a tulle boned bustier, long sleeves with lace embroideries. Peplum silhouette, emphasized with a crinoline piece, a pencil inside skirt to floor and a unique overskirt in silk. Elegance and avangarde in one piece! Do you dare?

INCIENSO wedding dress

This dress is pure fantasy! This design in midi length, has a strong structure made with crinoline that gives it a lot of volume. Big floral applications sewn by hand that create your dreamed wedding dress. A stand out for the 2017 bridal trends!  

JENGIBRE wedding dress

One of the latest trend for Bridal 2017! The Mullet skirt cut. This design made with tulle, asymmetric shape is the best option for the most sophisticated woman that wants to move away from the classic bride.  It has a crossed neckline and lingerie-like interior. Also with delicate embellishment applications and natural feathers in one of the sides. 

LIMONERO wedding dress

A two pieces Wedding gown. A delicate blouse in tulle plisé, long sleeves and a touch of Victorian Style and a skirt in transparent tulle embroidered in lace. An elegant and romantic design! It comes with a lining.

LINO wedding dress + AZAFRAN bridal gown

Romantic Wedding dress in nude color, made with tulle fabric and natural organdie. Adding white ivory appliqués that draw lines all the way down the skirt. The most elegant option! 

MADRONO wedding gown

Two pices Wedding dress in ivory tones. A blouse with ¾ sleeves in lace and a skirt in midi length with ruffles in tulle plisé. A unique piece perfect for the brides in love with lace!

MUSGO wedding dress

A wedding gown to feel like a princess for one day! This two pieces design consists on one top in lace, V neckline and a volume skirt in illusion tulle, that will make dreams come true for the most romantic brides! A perfect accessorize? The 16-165 belt with embellishment appliqués.

MUSELLA wedding dress

Delicacy and pure mastery! A multilayered wedding dress made of pleated crêpe georgette and an opened boat neckline, which enhances femininity of the shoulders. The incredible effect of cascading of the ruffles make it an ethereal and lightweight design that highlight the movement.

NARANJO wedding dress

Two pieces wedding gown in ivory tones for all ruffles lovers! This design consists of an entire dress with a body in tulle and a ruffled lace skirt, macrame and pleated tulle, and a blouse with volume sleeves, full of details.

OLMO wedding dress

Wedding gown tightened to hip, with a voluminous skirt made of different pieces of pleated organza and crêpe, making a unique asymmetrical effect.

CAPE+ POLEO wedding gown

Wedding gown made with the best techniques of traditional couture. This design is full of unique details, jewels, feathers and pieces of macrame in floral shapes. The ideal accessory? The Poleo Cape! A long sleeve bridal capelina in lace, with metallic fringes combined with the finest natural feathers. The perfect look for your winter wedding!

POMELO wedding dress

Wedding dress with a very unique design that combines different fabrics like embroidered tulle, silk guipur, lace and soutache applications. The pattern of this dress plays with the transparencies making a cut-out effect at the waist height.

SALVIA wedding dress

This is one of the trends in bridal 2017! The copper colored wedding dresses. This design is made in tulle, with ruffles, falling like a waterfall, from the neckline to floor. We highlight the silver sequins making decorative designs, hand embroidered to the ruffles. The perfect design for the most elegant bride!

SESAMO wedding dress

A wedding dress with silk fringes that fall from the shoulders and are sewn as a braid under the neckline, making a macramé effect, and continue all the way down the volume skirt made of tulle and embroidered with a very fine golden thread. A handmade dress that pays tribute to the most traditional sewing.

TARAY wedding dress

Two-piece wedding gowm that is inspired completely in the '70s. Made with an exclusive embroidered cotton fabric making geometric drawings. The perfect accessory? The belt 16-165, with embroidered flowers and rhinestones.