5 wedding dresses to wear at a Christmas party

5 wedding dresses to wear at a Christmas party

5 wedding dresses to wear at a Christmas party

Allow us to inspire you your Christmas looks with some of our wedding dresses

Did you ever consider our wedding dresses as a fabulous option for Christmas?

The end of the year is approaching and, as usual, we are looking for innovative and glamorous options to start in style.We know how much you wish to stand out from the other guests and you want your dress to be something groundbreaking…

… well, your best bet is to wear a BRIDAL DRESS!

A more daring option, the balance between modern and traditional. A payet dress with rhinestone trimmings and crystal ball buttons, with a touch of glitter.

If you are daring and you want to go all out on the last day of the year, this is the dress for you. It combines a long tail that contracts with the mini cut of the dress, made with feathers and tulle, the perfect choice for a New Year’s Eve party!

An elegant and sophisticated design, we are talking about a with out sleeveless couture wedding dress. A lace design that combines lurex threads and embroidered rhinestones on the chest, recreating a delicate champagne tone, perfect to succeed in corporate parties and midnight balls!

If you’re more of a pants person, this is your option. Our minimal suit. A perfect two-piece to succeed has a jacket with big shoulders that leaves no one indifferent and palazzo cut pants, all made in off-white crepe.

Now it’s your turn: choose your “wedding” dress for this Christmas!

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