The testimony of the Chilean instagrammer Carolina Rocco about her Yolancris dress and her wedding in Concepción

The testimony of the Chilean instagrammer Carolina Rocco about her Yolancris dress and her wedding in Concepción

The testimony of the Chilean instagrammer Carolina Rocco about her Yolancris dress and her wedding in Concepción

Carolina Rocco and Tomás met at the ages of 14 and 17 at school in their hometown of Concepción, Chile. Together since then, they got married in Santiago in 2018. Carolina tells us first-hand the story of her relationship, how they met, and how she lived the experience of finding her wedding dress.


“Tomás and I met at school, in Concepción, Chile. I was 14 and he was 17, and for some reason one day we started to greet each other in the corridors, without knowing each other. According to him, that is because I was always smiling and felt that he had to say hello.

Concepción is a city where it is very easy to meet people on the streets because it is not that big. One day we met outside a “minimarket” business, another day in a pharmacy… and so one day we started talking, on MSN and at school. The strangest thing is that we were of very different personalities (we are still a bit). Still, we liked each other and started dating. Everyone found it very strange because of the difference in personality and age, but here we are, 14 years later we are still together.

He was my first boyfriend (or “pololo” as we say here) and the most beautiful thing has been that we grew up together, we know each other too well, we have many friends in common, and even though we are very different we have many things in common, such as music .

One of our favorite hobbies and activities is that he plays guitar and I sing. For our marriage we did too, and we played “Oh Darling” by The Beatles, him on guitar, me singing, and a bunch of friends playing the other instruments.”

“We had a little break when I went to study cooking and pastry at Le Cordon Bleu in London. We were also in a long distance relationship between Concepción and Santiago when I was studying business engineering. But he finally came to work in Santiago so that we could live in the same city.

After many years “dating”, he asked me to marry him in Los Ángeles, during a trip we made to California.”


“Before we got married, I had to do a master’s degree at ESADE, in Barcelona, ​​and that’s how I met Yolancris. As I was in Barcelona every month prior to the marriage, I had to look for the wedding dress there.

My initial idea was to be able to find the dress together with my mother and grandmother, who traveled and spent a couple of weeks with me. We went to some wedding dress stores together, but it was really frustrating for me. I could not find a dress that convinced me, they were all very traditional, with very heavy fabrics, with many layers and layers of fabric, and the truth is that I did not feel comfortable in them.

I was looking for a dress that was different and modern, but I couldn’t find it while my mother and grandmother were in Barcelona. So I kept looking alone, and on a trip to Madrid, I went into a wedding dress store, I tried on a Yolancris dress, and I knew immediately that it was the dress for me. I felt that someone had designed it with me in mind.

It was beautiful, with lace and fringes, with a lot of movement, and it was a mix between a modern dress and a little “vintage” because of the mix of lace and fringes, or at least that’s how I felt. So I knew that Yolancris was from Barcelona, ​​as soon as I came back I went almost straight to the store, which at that time was in Sabadell.

I tried on other models to make sure it was the one I liked the most and although they were all beautiful, and had that innovative and different touch that I was looking for, I kept the same one that I had tried in Madrid.

The attention they gave me was wonderful. I felt a little sorry for not being able to live the full experience of looking for, trying on and choosing my wedding dress with my mother, but despite having gone to all the tests alone, I was always received with great affection in the store, so It was no longer a problem for me to go alone.

I was happy to all my tests, knowing that all the people in the store, and Cristina, who was also in some, were going to be waiting for me, willing to help me and being patient, while I sent photos from all possible angles to me. Mom so she could see me, even when I’m away. And most importantly, I could tell right away that they were excellent at what they do. I was able to put all my trust in them, and with that I was calm.

I still remember Rosa, who was the one who attended me in all my tests. She was always very affectionate with me, which the truth is that it is very important because when one is in this process, all kinds of emotions come out. It was nice to feel that she had her support, especially being alone there. A couple of days before returning to Chile, I had my last test and I traveled with my beautiful dress, very happy.”


“We got married on February 10, 2018 in Concepción (today February 10 is our third wedding anniversary), and it was a beautiful and immensely happy day. We enjoyed it so much, no nerves, just happiness. I felt so good in my dress, so comfortable. I felt pretty. And I still think it’s the cutest wedding dress I’ve ever seen and will ever see, and I was lucky that it was mine and I could wear it. Until today many people remember my dress and write to me, because it really is beautiful.

The place of the wedding was beautifully set, there were many lights and mirrors to reflect them, many flowers, and I remember that when I entered, I felt a visual shock because of how beautiful it was.

Today with Tomás we are still very happy together, we dedicate ourselves to very different things, but we always continue to support each other. During the quarantine I completely changed my path and went from working in a company as a commercial engineer, to dedicating myself full time to my gastronomic venture, where I share recipes on my Instagram and blog, I do gastronomic photography for brands, cooking classes, among some other things. Tomás is my number one fan, supporting me and encouraging me to do well and be even happier, and obviously me too.”

Carolina Rocco