LucíaSeCasa and Yolancris pay a tribute to Chinese culture

LucíaSeCasa and Yolancris pay a tribute to Chinese culture

LucíaSeCasa and Yolancris pay a tribute to Chinese culture

A premonitory editorial. A tribute to China with a Spanish wink. The conceptual idea is to pay tribute to the discrimination suffered by the Chinese population, when we thought that COVID19 was something that was a long way off.

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At YOLANCRIS we like to surround ourselves with artists. We know that the secret of our designs captivating you, resides in powerful images, capable of explaining a story.

That is why our slogan is to maintain an open dialogue and continued collaboration with professionals in the fashion industry: art directors, fashion editors, photographers, stylists, models, …

And there is nothing better than this time to thank all this magnificent work, than making the boiling of ideas behind a fashion publisher up close.

This week the magazine “LUCÍASECASA” has released its number 29.

This publication is a benchmark in the bridal world for its freshness and personality.

There are many years of covers, editorials in which this magazine and YOLANCRIS have collaborated.

We spoke with art director Abrahan Gutiérrez to explain firsthand the creative process and the work behind one of the publishers of this issue.

“FEEL” is an editorial that was carried out months ago, when the world began to hear about COVI19.

At that time Europe thought that this was far away … Today, the world is fighting the same problem.

The fashion director’s job

As fashion director of the magazine I am in charge of contributing the creative idea.

In order to materialize the idea, it is very important to have a team of professionals who perfectly understand your concept and collaborate by providing the best of them.

All of this helps enrich your vision.

Between all the team we get involved and outline all the details: light, location, profile of the models, hairdressing, makeup…

I think this communication and level of involvement that we have is good, since it allows us to get to the set of shooting with very clear ideas about the role that each of us is going to play.
Just when we closed the date for this shooting (early February) the world was on alert for the coronavirus.

How inspiration came

In China, just different altercations were taking place and in all parts of the world where there were people of the Eastern race, discrimination, rejection, insults, marginalization …

I remember seeing on the news on TV in Madrid a girl, who would not have been more than 12 years old in the commuter train car, looking at her mobile quietly and around her people looking at her like a weirdo, protecting her mouth with her scarves, scarves and jackets worried about that girl was going to infect them.

The Chinese community in Spain is very large and everything that was happening seemed unfair to me.

I spoke with Lucia -our director- and told her that I was going to prepare a shooting for the magazine, in which I wanted to have Chinese models at the casting.

It was a way to support the Chinese community, giving them the cover that society was taking away from them.

Our director liked the idea and the whole team immediately went to work to shape it.

Let’s do it. Fusion of cultures

I spoke with Antonio Cordero (magazine photographer) to show him the light references for the shooting.

I wanted something very clean, simple and elegant, where the fabrics of the dresses and the details of the tuxedoes were enhanced by a zenitized sieved light in accordance with the idea I had in mind.

Precisely with this editorial called “FEEL” (sensation, feeling, cue…) we wanted to reflect the elegance, harmony and simplicity of Asian beauty, in which I wanted to highlight the volumes and cuts, with an oriental point of contemporary bride.

I have tried to merge the oriental aesthetic, in a very subtle way. And we wanted to merge it with very ours, very Spanish styles, such as ruffles and volumes.

And we have taken this merger between China and Spain further by including typical Spanish baby hair curls and jewelry stuck to the face in their makeup and hairdressing, such as the images of the virgins we venerate at Easter.

The central objective of this entire editorial was to honor all those people who were being discriminated against and giving them the place they deserve with what was happening at the time. Finally and with the passage of time it has been shown that it can happen to all of us and that in the end we are all fighting against this tragic global pandemic.

The magazine can be purchased at all Novias sales kiosks nationwide, in the Corte Inglés, Fnac press and through their website.

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