The Haute Couture Fashion Week goes on-line

The Haute Couture Fashion Week goes on-line

The Haute Couture Fashion Week goes on-line

The blow of the COVID19 has been unable to stop the desire that the Haute Couture sector has to continue creating and making dreams come true. The pandemic has managed to achieve something that seemed impossible and distant, in record time: the union of the Haute Couture and the digital world.

At Yolancris we have taken advantage of these days to see first-hand the incredible work done by the Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode and its designers. As you know, one of our greatest wishes is to become a member of the FHCM and to continue presenting our collections in Paris.

The immortal spirit of Paris as the fashion capital in digital format

Paris wants to continue to shine. And if there is something historical in the French people, it is the character of not being intimidated by anything. Not even in the face of this terrible pandemic.

“We, the Fédération, challenge ourselves to invent a new model that fulfills our main mission: to allow creation to express itself in the best possible way, regardless of the circumstances,” says Ralph Toledano, president of the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture.

Secondly, he continues “because we are convinced that digital is, and will continue to be, an important factor of change in the fashion industry, and because organizing these digital Fashion Weeks has allowed us to explore the possibilities to obtain even more benefits from our Fashion Weeks. We are fully convinced that nothing can replace a physical spectacle, at least for the creation brands of which Paris is the standard bearer. But the show cannot stop, let alone the work and commitment of so many people. ”

And this close and courageous attitude has been a balm for all creators and their teams. “The truth is that if something good has brought this pandemic it is what has made us like a click to realize that we must change, in the sense that Haute Couture must walk together” explains designer Franck Sorbier.

Without a doubt, this spirit has kept the maisons and their ateliers alive during this health crisis. A continuous work, carried out from the confinement. Something that at Yolancris we have experienced first hand.

“If there was something clear from the first day of confinement, it was that I was going to keep myself busy and continue working. And so it has been. I even think I have gone further to explore my creativity and to unite my role as an art teacher with that of Haute Couture. I can only tell you that we have created an extraordinary film!” continues Sorbier.

Franck Sorbier’s atelier in Paris

Creativity at the epicenter of Haute Couture

The digital challenge aims to put creativity at the center of their stories. Each firm has stitched together a personal script that shows ideas, day-to-day, values, art… And each one has adapted it to their liking: a presentation, a video clip, a fashion film …

Sorbier explains that “without a doubt, the effort made by the FHCM will make our work more accessible to the world. And as for the physical format, I think that this pandemic has brought a cleaning that was necessary: ​​to reduce events to clients and professionals and to facilitate their work and needs. Let’s not forget that the key to our business is to provide experiences and offer exquisite and personalized attention. Something that with the massive assistance had become complicated ”.

As a fashion and sewing firm, at Yolancris we applaud the spirit and unity between designers and the FHCM to face uncertainty. For this reason, we extend all our support to the organization and to all our fellow professionals.