Nature& naturalness: Boho wedding style decor

Nature& naturalness: Boho wedding style decor

Nature& naturalness: Boho wedding style decor

Boho weddings, whether beach or mountain, romantic or rustic, are still a rising trend in terms of decoration and wedding themes. Data also points out that there are more and more civil weddings, so in the absence of the majesty of the church, the place and decoration of the celebration take on a new role. Discover the trends in boho-style weddings and get inspired by the bridal editorials that have featured designs from Yolancris for their storytelling.

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Boho weddings are reminiscent of bohemian and hippie styles, find inspiration in the 60s and 70s and are characterized by its direct contact with nature and by their informal and casual style.

Boho weddings have nature as the protagonist, either taking place in a natural environment or recreating it. They usually take place outdoors, in a country house, next to the beach, in a forest, in a garden, or even in the desert. The colour palette is inspired by the hues of the landscape, the earth, the leaves and the wild flowers. The materials are usually natural and eco-sustainable.

In boho style wedding decorations there is room for teepees, the combination of fabrics, looms and rugs, dream catchers, feathers, candles, lanterns, lights and bulbs, flower crowns, engravings and crochet. The ornaments are usually used in a timely manner, and in the warmest and most welcoming way possible. All these elements have the mission of creating an intimate and warm atmosphere.

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The elements of the landscape are used to support and create decorations. Lighting design is also a key element to enrich and highlight the areas that will host the most significant moments of the event.

Instead of the traditional arrangement of tables and catering, the options vary from continuous tables, buffet weddings or street food style, with stands scattered around the garden with different culinary proposals and tables that serve only as a point of support. In boho weddings, you do not sit for hours at the same table with the same people, but rather the freedom to move around and chat with different people is encouraged.

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In boho style weddings the spaces are also made taking advantage of the elements of the landscape or objects. The aisle to the altar can be created by rugs; the altar is transformed into a flower arch, a tipi, or a loom; any lawn becomes a dance floor with proper illumination hanging from tree branches creating a ceiling of lights.

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