Reflections on the first Haute Couture Week in digital format

Reflections on the first Haute Couture Week in digital format

Reflections on the first Haute Couture Week in digital format

At Yolancris we want to congratulate all our colleagues for the vast creativity and effort they are showing in this first edition of the Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris in digital format.

Digital presentations are surprising us with their variety of values. And we believe that the assessment made by Ralph Toledano is correct when he says that digital is not going to replace the magic of physical shows, but it is a resource that can help enhance the work and values of brands and ateliers.

Yuima Nakazato & Alexis Mabille, Haute Couture FW20


The content is immediately available to everyone. From the comfort of our houses we can stop, go back, go forward and delight ourselves with the details of the collections.

Values ​​and content

All the firms have highlighted the artisan work that is done in their ateliers. The maisons have opened the doors of their facilities so that we can see how ideas are born and how they are woven and shaped.

Tradition and heritage shine brighter than ever

Selfies and front-rows, influencers and street style are now perceived as noise that has been distorting the true value of fashion and, especially, of Haute Couture.

The message becomes more authentic and personal

Without distortion or rush, the firms and their creatives seem to have gained more control over what they want to explain and how. Values, creativity and work over followers. And that is a very good thing for the industry, since it could help recover trades. Something necessary after the economic tragedy that this pandemic has brought.

Slow fashion and sustainable fashion

The speeches and images reinforce the essence of Haute Couture as one of the sectors where sustainability and slow fashion are the ABC of many of the brands.

Designers are in control of the message and set the pace now. This allows bringing back the pleasure of discovering and learning, that helps appreciate the quality and feeling fashion as a lifestyle that is much closer to us.

haute couture fashion week 2020 Christophe Josse

Christophe Josse, Haute Couture FW20