The Old-Hollywood style is back on trend

The Old-Hollywood style is back on trend

The Old-Hollywood style is back on trend

It’s all about glam: The Old-Hollywood style fiercly reveals as the new trend alert

Over the last months, all fashion insiders and celebs have been pointing out the old-hollywood style.

We have seen in movies, tv shows and even in the way of dressing a fashion change, more colourful, more vintage and refined.

This is because of the Old Hollywood style influence, which returns with great ambition in our lifestyle derived from a post-pandemic “depression”.

Old Hollywood defines the golden years of the film industry, which runs from the 1920s to the late 1950s.

In these films, not only did the sets and interior design stand out, but the “perfect life” that the characters apparently had. This was also reflected in the clothing, the hairstyle & the makeup.

In recent months, we are witnessing how this trend is coming in strong our celebrities do not hesitate to join it on the red carpet. We recover the characteristic style of Hollywood stars of the 50s such as Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor or Lauren Bacall with vintage dresses with art deco details, refined silhouettes, silk dresses with heart-stopping falls… Simple and sophisticated looks.

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