5 Trends haunted at The Venice Film Festival 2022

5 Trends haunted at The Venice Film Festival 2022

5 Trends haunted at The Venice Film Festival 2022

The Venice Film Festival is always one of the most anticipated events of the year, not only for the cinema’s premiere but for the fashion. Its media coverage is essential for both, the films and short films that are presented, as well as for the red carpet full of celebrities.

Right before the beginning of fashion month, the Venice Film Festival leaves us with the first haute couture trends that will mark the start of the season.

1. A TRIBUTE TO AUDREY HEPBURN: Audrey Hepburn, known for her iconic fringe and bow in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, has been a great inspiration for Georgina Rodríguez, wearing a Genny Official gown, and Penélope Cruz, stunning in a Chanel design. During the Red Carpet, the Spanish duo paid tribute to Hepburn’s style with two gorgeous black dresses.

2. SLITS ARE NEVER GOING OUT OF FASHION: Slit dresses, are one of the most daring and sexy trends of the Venice Film Festival.

There were many celebrities who joined and wore a heart attack cutout: we have Elle Goulding in Alberta Ferretti, Rachel Brosnahan in Atelier Versace, and Jasmine Sanders in Pinko.

3. IMPOSSIBLE VOLUMES: The ruffles and bows have also been the main characters during the Red Carpet. Just as Balenciaga showed us a few months ago, the volumes are here to stay. We have Tessa Thompson in Marc Jacobs and Armani, Taylor Russell in Balenciaga, and Vanesa Kirby in Valentino.

4. DELICATE FABRIC: One of the star fabrics has undoubtedly been silk chiffon. It has left us with numerous fairy tale dresses, and without a doubt, the elegance of those who opted for this option showed off their most romantic side.

An example of this is Grace Elizabeth in Alberta Ferretti & Olivia Wilde and Jodie Turner-Smith both in Gucci.

We’re already starting to see the impact of the new Valentino PINK PPCOLLECTION and we love it, especially for the ones who opted for a total pink look.

Pierpaolo Piccoli made it very clear and the Venice Film Festival didn’t want to be less: we saw it in Veronica Lucchesi and Dario Mangiaracina, and Alice Diop all in Valentino.


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