Boho Groom: Yolancris revolutionizes Bridal Fashion

Boho Groom: Yolancris revolutionizes Bridal Fashion

Boho Groom: Yolancris revolutionizes Bridal Fashion

The Boho Aesthetic for men finally arrives with ATTITUDE 2024 bridal collection

Yolancris revolutionizes Bridal Fashion with Boho Groom. Our maison has once again pushed our boundaries of bridal fashion.

After pioneering the boho trend, at YOLANCRIS we decided it was time to introduce bridal designs specifically tailored for grooms. And our ATTIDUDE 2024 Bridal collection is perfect for this purpose.

The Boho Aesthetic for men is a new exciting challenge for us!

We are now extending our boho aesthetic, renowned craftsmanship, and haute couture excellence to the world of men’s fashion.

This groundbreaking move is set to redefine how grooms approach their wedding attire, giving them access to the same level of elegance, creativity, and individuality that has made Yolancris a global bridal sensation.

Because we truly believe men are also looking for bridal designs capable to align and reflect their true essence and style. And Boho is perfect for that: the Boho Groom.

Yolancris’ bohemian chic style, characterized by flowing silhouettes, intricate lacework, and a sense of free-spirited elegance, has been meticulously adapted to suit the modern groom.

Boho Groom: Is YOLANCRIS unveiling a new viral trend?

Yolancris is poised to spark a viral trend that resonates not only with brides but also with grooms-to-be and fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

By blending the boho spirit with unparalleled tailoring and attention to detail, our brand’s new groom collection promises to make every wedding a unique and memorable fashion experience.

This Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week we have presented three disruptive models designed for grooms who shun conventional aesthetics and choose to wear their own style on their big day.

boho groom yolancris new collection
Boho Groom: Yolancris revolutionizes Bridal Fashion

Wide trousers made of pleated chiffon, delicate layers of guipure, beading and lace and a poncho, give life to the boho groom. Undoubtedly, some looks that will stay in the retina of more than one.

At Yolancris we have always defended the freedom of brides to choose their dress. With ATTITUDE we are also translating these values to men.

The collection for grooms is now available in stores worldwide. Find your nearest boutique or contact us for more information.

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