Black Red Pink & Gold: Discover the new Yolancris FW21 collection

Black Red Pink & Gold: Discover the new Yolancris FW21 collection

Black Red Pink & Gold: Discover the new Yolancris FW21 collection

Yolancris presents the FW21 collection with craftsmanship, sartorial tradition and black, red, pink & gold as its protagonists. The pandemic has not appeased our femininity. The energy of women is more palpable than ever. At Yolancris we have wanted to distance ourselves from the pressure imposed by the calendars of the fashion industry and continue to bet on working on the intrinsic and lasting beauty of the handmade garment, exploring contemporary elegance and subtlety.

Our FW21 is a tribute to women. Pink, red, black and gold are the backdrop for 40 looks full of elegance and versatility. Pieces with an impeccable pattern, that draw well-defined silhouettes that play with the sensuality of the fabrics and shapes.

◾️ Wide and ostentatious skirts coexist with mermaid skirts of almost infinite length that enhance the woman’s body.

◾️ The eternal white blouse is interpreted in several versions, with puffed sleeves capable of showing the duality between sophistication and sweetness.

◾️ There is no shortage of princess and mermaid dresses, with straight necklines, V, sweetheart and halter.

◾️ The mini dresses play with volumes in sleeves and drapes, providing a touch of casual and elegant romanticism.

◾️ Organza, taffeta, tulle, silk and tweed predominate in the FW21 collection, providing fluidity, strength and freshness.

The FW21 collection stands out for its commitment to unique and versatile pieces, but at the same time basic and timeless. An invitation for women to dream and to incorporate any of our designs into any of her looks. Who does not know how to take advantage of a blouse, a coat or a bomber?

A nod to continue dreaming, to seek our identity and style. A collection that shows the power of subtlety and exudes strength and assertiveness.

We are artisans, we vindicate crafts, slow fashion and ethical fashion. So when someone wears a Yolancris, she wears an artisan design, handcrafted entirely in Spain.

Photography: Yoye