Conclusions & resolutions: Yolancris’ creative director, Yolanda Pérez, reflects on 2020 and sets her sights on 2021

Conclusions & resolutions: Yolancris’ creative director, Yolanda Pérez, reflects on 2020 and sets her sights on 2021

Conclusions & resolutions: Yolancris’ creative director, Yolanda Pérez, reflects on 2020 and sets her sights on 2021

On the occasion of the end of one of the hardest and strangest years of our lives, Yolancris’ creative director, Yolanda Pérez, takes stock of the journey that these last nine months have been, of the learnings and experiences that it leaves us, and how she is facing 2021.


I should separate between person and company, but I have always thought that Yolancris’s heart is directly related to me. Obviously what I feel is reflected in the company.

1. Starting all over again

This has been a very hard year, especially at the beginning, when the bad news of the epidemic came. But despite the difficulties and the vertigo, it has been a year in which I have really been able to confirm that many times, oddly enough, you can start over from scratch. Even if something is apparently built, you can start over.

2. Normalizing the digital environment

For me it has been a year in which at times I have been quite happy, because I have been able to live experiences that I did not even imagine could happen. Entering the digital world, making a completely different and unique digital fashion show, collaborating with phenomenal people and artists, and with people who have contributed and teached me a lot.

3. Perpetual learning and expanding horizons

This 2020 has been an extremely enriching personal experience and from which I have learned a lot. The school years are usually the hardest, but they are the most enriching and in which you learn the most things per day of all your life. But whatever vital or professional process you are in, being awake and open to learn, is extremely fruitful and satisfying.

4. No Fear as an attitude towards life

Therefore, my conclusion this year is that a whole universe of opportunities has opened up for me and for Yolancris. Our motto and concept of our collections No Fear has accompanied us and our collections for the last recent years. I apply this mentality 100% to myself as well, and taking stock, I can say that I am happy, even if there are things that do not turn out as I would like.

It has been a year of many projects and of many very new things. A little sad, for all the situation that has happened and because I feel very sorry for the elderly. Also for people who I appreciate a lot and who are not with us anymore. But deep down, 2020 is a year of appreciation for teaching.


1. Perseverance

One of my goals for 2021 is that all the projects for Yolancris that 2020 has led me to plant, are carried out successfully. We are working already on some of them; others are costing a bit more, but I hope we can see them all realized in 2021.

2. Valuing what is really important

I would love it to be a year in which we would all have learned the great lesson that we are a very fragile society, that we have to take care of each other and that we have to realize once and for all what is really truly important.

We have realized, for example, that we miss being able to touch each other a lot (hence the name of the 2021 Touch bridal collection). But what we miss the most is freedom. Being locked up, even because the circumstances require it, it is a pretty ugly thing.

3. Digital intelligence

I hope that we realize about it and that we are capable, not only this coming year but forever, of putting technology at the service of human beings. This wonderful product has become a very manipulative and destructive tool.

4. Maintaining the illusion

And finally, I hope that these difficulties and opportunities give us the ability to reflect and work day by day with great enthusiasm. Because it is the only thing that we cannot lose the luxury of losing: the illusion and freedom that gives working on something that really satisfies you.

Above all, I wish to end the year without fear, and start the next one without even less fear, if possible. “

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