GOFRADO FW23 by Yolancris unveiled at 080BCN

GOFRADO FW23 by Yolancris unveiled at 080BCN

GOFRADO FW23 by Yolancris unveiled at 080BCN

Yolancris discovers with GOFRADO the latest trends that will mark the FW23 of the perfect guests

Gofrado FW23-24 is the new Yolancris product and promises to leave its mark among it girls

Our Gofrado FW23 means the return of Yolancris to 080 Barcelona Fashion in its love for the city and its commitment to support Spanish fashion.

As in our bridal collection presented at the last BBFW, the elegance of the 50’s and the most purist structures of those years inspire our patterns. Drawing, thus, an elegant and timeless evening collection.

Yolancris presents GOFRADO FW23 at 080BCN

Embossing is a decorative craft technique that consists of stamping in hollow or relief and hot or cold, ornamental motifs. It is something like the art of manipulating the fabric and printing one’s own imprint.

Craftsmanship, richness and excellence: the DNA of Yolancris, to create a unique collection with a nod to the elegance of the 50s and the most purist structures of those years in terms of patterns.

All this to offer the contemporary woman, a collection of evening, elegant and always timeless.

The keys to our Grofrado collection

The next Yolancris Autumn-Winter comes loaded with black and white, as well as combinations and overlays between the two.

Cream, silver and moss green also have a place in Gofrado.

The variety, richness and texture of the fabrics used will make more than one fall in love. The fact is that our creative director, Yolanda Pérez, once again experiments with the possibilities of fabrics and their complicity when it comes to enhancing the female silhouette.

Yolancris adapts the embossing technique in different noble clothes such as silk taffeta or satin, to create and play with the maximum volumes offered by these fabrics.

Mermaid dresses, romantic and sexy blouses, wide volume skirts, two-piece sets, crop tops, cut-out, short skirts, are the proposals of Yolancris that will allow to play with the versatility of styles and silhouettes of women.

Other proposals included in our Gofrado collection are the puffed and removable puffed sleeves, oversize coats and puffed capes.

Undoubtedly, coats are emblematic of the house. In winter they are a key piece, and become the perfect accessory that elevates the look.

Combined with embossing, our coats highlight the collars and become one of the must-have trends for the coming season.

The handmade embossed flowers highlight the craftsmanship of our brand and the contemporary touch is given by modern embroidery and very short skirts.

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