The fashion industry uses its own tools to turn anything into something desirable. This element could even be the #identity, which can be used by the brand to create a following, a loyal customer base.

Yolancris is a fashion-house based in Barcelona and specialized in bridal and evening wear.

Founded in 2005 by two sisters, Yolanda (1978) and Cristina (1979). Creative directors of the brand and currently Yolancris’s soul.

The interest felt by Yolanda and Cristina in haute couture and bridal fashion world is a family heritage, their mother, pioneer in bridal business, taught them since they were children the well-done work and how to feel the magic world of wedding dresses.

The secret? Every design and Yolancris creation is handcrafted in their Atelier in Barcelona, where high quality European fabrics and every detail are selected and studied meticulously with passion.

For over 15 years now, Yolanda and Cristina have been remodeling, modernizing and rebuilding their personality and creativity, along with the team that has accompanied them since the very beginning. Always focused on the reliability of the national production, the quality of handcraft, originality and innovation. The brand is looking forward to the successful future, with one foot in the present and a strong step forward.