Rosalia reviews her best looks for Vogue: from her iconic Yolancris dress at the Grammys to Motomami

Rosalia reviews her best looks for Vogue: from her iconic Yolancris dress at the Grammys to Motomami

Rosalia reviews her best looks for Vogue: from her iconic Yolancris dress at the Grammys to Motomami

Rosalia is a star who shines in music and fashion. Her latest interview for Vogue Spain reminds us of her bond with Yolancris

Rosalia is, without a doubt, the woman of the year. She has conquered the hearts of millions of people around the world with her personality and talent. Furthermore, the Catalan artist has not only left her mark on the music industry, but has also crowned her as an icon in the world of fashion.

The story of Yolancris is especially linked to Rosalía’s career on her journey to the top. In fact our brand has been committed to the artist’s talent and personality from the very beginning. La Rosalia was just emerging and her presence was required at major events in the music industry.

Therefore, we have designed very special dresses for Rosalía in order to ensure that Rosalía’s presence on the red carpet and on stage, would be at the height of her undisputed talent and artistry.

A few years have passed and her meteoric career is summed up for us by Vogue Spain in her latest cover for Vogue Spain, captured in majestic black and white by the great Katie Burnett.

In conversations with Vogue, Rosalía recalls her bond with Yolancris.

La Rosalía x Vogue Spain
Rosalia at Vogue November Spain Photo by Katie Burnett

Her debut at the Grammys

@rosalia.vt has stood out not only for her unique voice, but also for her innovative style that fuses elements of fashion and culture, blending tradition and innovation. Values very much in alignment to our firm.

From the beginning, Yolancris has been by her side, creating looks that complement her music and personality.

La Rosalia in Yolancris

One of the most unforgettable moments was when Rosalía wore a pale pink lace dress inlaid with flowers ranging from white to fuchsia at her first Grammy Awards. An outfit that not only enhanced her beauty, but also perfectly matched her unique style and our creative director Yolanda Pérez’s passion for Modernism.

What makes this look truly unforgettable is its semi-high neckline and long, fitted sleeves that defined Rosalía’s silhouette in a spectacular way. It was an outfit that not only enhanced her beauty, but also encapsulated her unique and edgy style. It was a look that was celebrated and commented on by all the international media.

This dress is not just a dress, it is part of the history of the best looks that Rosalia has ever worn throughout her musical career.

Rosalia touches us in her conversation with Vogue Spain

The artist has shared her thoughts on her style and her evolution, as well as her fashion collaborations in a recent interview with Vogue Spain, in which she reviews all her iconic looks. These talks, entitled #LaVidaEnLooks, are among the most viral and have starred other celebrities such as Nicole Kidman, Kim Kardhasian, Penólope, among others.

This talk has touched us. Therefore in her interview the singer remembers and mentions us with special affection.

It’s a very cute look. It’s a look that I’m very fond of because it was the first time I performed at the Grammys and at that time I didn’t know anyone; I had no contacts in the industry and YOLANCRIS dressed me.

La Rosalia in conversations with Vogue Spain

Rosalia for Vogue Spain

At Yolancris, we are extremely privileged of having been part of this success story and of collaborating with Rosalía at crucial moments in her career.

Music and fashion usually go so well together that they both inspire us and provide us with memorable stories. Our design vision and our passion for fashion are reflected in every detail of creations like this one.

This pale pink lace dress is not just a dress, but a symbol of the talent, artistry and power of the collaboration between Rosalía and Yolancris.

Would you like to wear a dress as beautiful as Rosalia’s?

This iconic dress is an inspiration to stand out as the perfect guest. If you are looking for the perfect dress, don’t hesitate to contact us.