Looking for a place to get married? Find here your inspiration!

Looking for a place to get married? Find here your inspiration!

Looking for a place to get married? Find here your inspiration!


There are so many places in which you could celebrate one of the most important days of your life. We know that sometimes it’s challenging to align your ideals with your budget, so we have selected different options for you to try the one that suits you more.

Before deciding where to get married, we should consider several things: the number of guests, the thematic style of the wedding or the exclusivity of the place.


If you’re from the sea, you will have no doubts, the beaches, paradisiacal or not, will be the perfect location. Besides providing an infinite outdoor space for your guests, you will feel at home. There are as many as you can imagine, so here you can find some inspiration of Yolancris real brides that got married next to the sea.


If you prefer an intimate and more traditional wedding, you have different buildings to choose such as cathedrals, churches, and chapels. All these temples dedicated to the cult are the greatest option when we talk about a religious ceremony.

In the mountains

The option to get married in the mountains is not new and many couples are joining it in order to find peace and tranquillity during the ceremony & also to escape the noise of the city. Relatively close to where you live, you can find authentic natural sites to be the romantic backdrop for your wedding. 


In the recent years, we have rediscovered the tradition to get married in old castles. A unique and historic place that still keeps some sort of secretiveness and magic that you can’t find anywhere else.

Random places

If you still need more inspiration, you’ll be happy to know that there are crazier places to celebrate your wedding in an original and unique way.

From the iconic chapel in Las Vegas where Elvis Presley is in charge of officiating the ceremony to a chapel with sharks, the most daring options to make your big day an unforgettable experience also exist.

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