Casamarela and Yolancris welcome summer from paradise

We can state that summer has officially arrived. Want a prove? Our point of sale in Brazil, the iconic Casamarela Group, welcomes summer with a bridal editorial inspired by the days of sun and beach.

Who hasn’t dreamed of a beach wedding? Saying YES from the paradise, with the sea and sky at witnesses, remains one of the favorite choices of our brides. But, let’s do it properly. Let’s make the celebration sustainable, like our designs.

Our friends from Casamarela have had the couple of wedding photographers from pavan’s studio: Guilherme and Marilia.

A unique enclave, like Ilhabela, located on the north coast of Sao Paolo, has been the perfect setting to fuse nature and wedding dresses.

“Care for the environment must be present at any event. And a wedding on the beach, should not be less. Ilhabela  is a natural place desired by locals, tourists and brides. Like the immortality of a photo, we must preserve the natural beauty of this paradise. And from any corner of our planet.”

The photos taken by Pavan’s pair perfectly with the weather and with the lightness of the dresses. The perfect combination between beauty and movement of our designs.

Those in charge of posing in this paradisiacal environment have been the models,  Larissa Almeida  and María Augusta.

Marília Terrone,one of the top experts in makeup for brides, has been in charge of enhancing the natural beauty of the models, according to the latest trends in makeup for brides.

Casamarela Group

Casamarela is the favorite destination of any bride and guest from Brazil. And it owns an outstanding and versatile selection of designs.

With boutiques in São Paulo, Campinas and Piracicaba, this family business led by Valéria and her daughters Lívia and Flávia, has been succesfully advising brides and guests for several years.

This explain why they have designs of excellent quality and a great variety of styles capable of adapting to the tastes and needs of any bride. Something that in Yolancris we defend in each collection.

The excellence in the service offered by Casamarela  is another of its strengths and explains the success and trust that customers and  celebrities from all over Brazil place when it comes to seeking the best advice to find the dress of their dreams.

“We always have in mind what the bride is looking for? Dresses with sleeves or  suspenders? Wide or tight silhouettes?… That is why we can say that versatility is the key to this editorial”.


Dresses: Casamarela-Yolancris (@casamarelanoivas  //  @yolancris)

Photos: The Photography of Pavan – Marília and Guilherme (@thepavans)

Beauty: Marília Terrone (@mariliaterrone)

Models: Larissa Almeida (@iamlarialmeida) and Maria Augusta (@guta.amorim)

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