ORIGINS SS22: Imagination, Art and Handicraft

ORIGINS SS22: Imagination, Art and Handicraft

ORIGINS SS22: Imagination, Art and Handicraft

In a pandemic world, where our insecurities and fears are taking over, imagination and faith are the saviours that keep us strong and resilient. In a pandemic world, where borders are closed and the only possible destination is our dreams, art is the only thing that allows us to travel. This imaginary voyage is what inspired ORIGINS, the new collection designed by Yolanda Perez, creative director of YOLANCRIS.

ORIGINS represents the roots of the brand, which has handicraft as its main pillar. The collection is rich in variety and styles, respecting and honouring the taste of multi-generational women with different backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs. Exploring its DNA, Origins is the perfect combination of Boho, Minimalism and Haute Couture.

The Boho Soul Collection is inspired by the Boho lifestyle, a strong signature of Yolancris’ designs. It is composed of 15 different designs with elegant silhouettes, emphasizing the sensuality of women in a subtle and discrete manner.

The New Generation Collection is dedicated to bold, authentic and modern brides. Handicraft meets minimalism and creates strong pieces such as jumpsuits, ponchos, capes and mini dresses.

The Haute Couture Collection is composed of 16 exclusive designs with rich variety of silhouttes and noble materials such as organzas, muslins, silk, crepe, chiffon and tulle. The dresses are rich in details and embroideries, thus creating outstanding classic and traditional gowns.

Origins celebrates the determination of the YOLANCRIS team that, through handicraft and art, found the strength to face this incredible and delicate period.

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