REAL BRIDES say yes this month in YOLANCRIS

REAL BRIDES say yes this month in YOLANCRIS

REAL BRIDES say yes this month in YOLANCRIS

Our real brides have looked amazing at their weddings with YOLANCRIS designs.

These are ones of our real brides of February.

FELICIA wore our mini dress, The Borrasca is a white crepe strapless minidress. The main feature of this piece is the big bow that covers the neckline and that embraces arms and back, finished by a jewel brooch in the center. The classic fabrics are reinterpreted in new silhouettes and styles, following the current narrative of the brand. 

She looks sexy on our dress!

JANAÍNA got married whit our LAUREL. The dress with a multitude of influences from the 60s and 70s, The hand-sewn lace embroideries of the top are combined with the multi-layered flowing bambula skirt to give movement and lightness to the piece.

MARINA looks stunning in our COLIMA dress at her wedding. The dress is color nude is a safe bet. And more if it comes embroidered with the finest rhinestones. This long sleeve design and mermaid silhouette is inspired by the 70’s disco looks.

JULYANA’ s wearing our best-seller LUA with a RODIA jacket. LUA’s mermaid silhouette dress, Lua is composed of ethnic motifs embroidered in sutax and with a guipure skirt, combined with mermaid fringes.

JUDITH got married in a Custom dress with a Custom dress, embroidered v-neckline with a tail and a lace shawl.

**If you want more information regarding these dresses, do not hesitate in contacting us immediately.