The wedding of María Jesús & Miguel overlooking the Atlantic sea in Cádiz, in the South of Spain

The wedding of María Jesús & Miguel overlooking the Atlantic sea in Cádiz, in the South of Spain

The wedding of María Jesús & Miguel overlooking the Atlantic sea in Cádiz, in the South of Spain

“We started our love story on November 8th 2014, and since then we have not separated. We are Miguel and María Jesús, from San Fernando (Cádiz) and Jerez de la frontera (Cádiz). We met at work at the best time of our lives and we got married on May 21st 2016 in Bolonia (Cádiz, Andalusia), at El Cañuelo.”

We were looking for a site with open views. The beach was a great candidate, or the Jerez countryside. But the truth is that here in Cádiz we have many incredible beaches to marry and we opted for a beach wedding.

Tarifa, close to Cádiz, was a place where we had shared many moments for our work so it was also an important place for us. We got in touch with the owner of El Cañuelo and went to see the place. Once we entered the garden, the other sites were discarded. It is an incredible location, with a garden between large rocks, a natural lake and a carpet of green pines overlooking the Atlantic. When you are there, you can feel a very beautiful energy.


I have always loved Yolancris and I have been very attracted to the style of the brand, the lace, the fringes… but above all I felt identified with the brand and the designs the same way as when you listen to your favourite style of music, the one that makes your skin crawl.

With the dress I felt like myself, and very pretty, more than with any other brand. I tried on quite a few before and after the final one, but Yolancris’ was in my mind from the first moment I tried it on.


I cherish many moments from the wedding. The ceremony was beautiful and simple, with music under the big tree in the garden. Our families and friends came in couples, told us their most beautiful words and gave us a symbolic balloon. I did not bring children or bridesmaids, my sister Laura was my companion. At the end of the ceremony, my husband and I released the balloons together with my sister Laura, who has Down Syndrome.

We also made her a wedding dress because she knew she was never going to ever dress as a bride. That was another great moment, when people saw her appear dressed as a bride to accompany me to the altar, she also became a great protagonist.

It was beautiful to dance with my husband by the lake and to be able to offer a party to our people in an unforgettable place.

Today we have two daughters and we are super in love. My dress is kept like gold on cloth and every time I see it I find it more beautiful. I think it is a dress that when my daughter is 20 years old will continue to be spectacular. There are many dresses, but not all of them can endure in time. It is truly a work of art.

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