Y_Como stages Yolancris’s debut at RTW with its first collection

Y_Como stages Yolancris’s debut at RTW with its first collection

Y_Como stages Yolancris’s debut at RTW with its first collection

The 080 Barcelona has been the setting chosen to present If the first collection of Y_Como, the new RTW line by Yolancris.

YOLANDA PÉREZ, creative director of Yolancris, is committed to transferring the artisan component of its design processes through a new brand designed for day-to-day life. Y_Como aims to be a laboratory in which to experiment with fashion and other artistic disciplines (painting, dance, literature…). La Pedrera, Modernist emblem of the great Antoni Gaudí in Barcelona, was the setting for the premiere.


“If” is inspired by a poem by the British, Rudyard Kipling, one of the most recognized poets from the Victorian era. A poem that explains how we must face everything that happens to us in life, to get out victorious and become better people.

A plea for authenticity and freedom to which other pillars in which the creative director bases her work: crafts and nature represented by the Williams Morris‘ organicism in the collection’s prints and the essence of Modernism by Antoni Gaudí.

An architect who does not take nature into account in their creation is not a good architect” said Gaudí. – From my point of view, the same thing happens in clothes” explains Yolanda Pérez.


· Natural materials: Denim cotton, silk, crepe de chine or cashmere wool
· 70s aesthetics
· The key colours: moss, caldera and indigo blue
· Oversized white shirts
· Blouses and dresses made in prints with a modernist touch, based on the original work of William Morris
· Oversized, fluid and very feminine silhouettes
· Flare pants in cotton denim
· Pleated skirts & pants of different lengths, also made of cotton denim, flattering for different silhouettes
· Impeccable patterned trench coats made in various fabrics and colours
· Retro sunglasses and military aesthetic footwear


In its desire to establish itself as a laboratory for experimentation, the first Y_Como collection presentation has merged different artistic disciplines. Handicraft, dance and fashion have been added to the majesty of the modernist architecture of the great Antoni Gaudí.


The creative director once again incorporates dance in her presentations. The previous one was in the runway show of the 2019 Identity bridal collection, together with the Fura dels Baus. This time has joined La Veronal, one of the best contemporary dance companies in Spain and the most international one, and its first dancer, Lorena Nogal Navarro.

Also worth mentioning that in the performance, Nogal has been accompanied by the ex-dancer Silvia Albanese, Yolancris’ international sales manager since 2016.


Etnia Barcelona is an independent brand of glasses born in 2001. Each glasses are created with high quality natural materials, such as natural acetate from Mazzucchelli or mineral glass lenses from Barberini.

#BeAnartist is the motto of Etnia Barcelona, with which it invites us to express ourselves freely through their designs. Since then, they have become much more than a brand in the eyewear sector. Etnia Barcelona is colour, art and culture. But, above all, it breathes the city that has seen them grow: Barcelona. A lifestyle, a place open to the world.


Like Yolancris & Y_Como, Paloma Barceló is a family business that dates back to 1960 when Manuel Barceló opened his first factory in the leading footwear manufacturing area in Spain. Craftsmanship and skill is what makes this family business a leader in the shoe making industry, braided leather and hand-sewn pieces. Jute, raffia, cork, natural rubber, wood… carefully selected to produce pieces that last for a life time.


PdPaola is “jewelry for women who own their glow.” The spirit of the brand lies in the adventure of personal discovery and the celebration of who you are and who you want to become.

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