Yolancris presents the new 2021 bridal collection Touch at the VBBFW20 

Yolancris presents the new 2021 bridal collection Touch at the VBBFW20 

Yolancris presents the new 2021 bridal collection Touch at the VBBFW20 

Yolancris presents the 2021 bridal collection at the first edition of the Valmont Barcelona Fashion Week 100% virtual.

The creative director of Yolancris, Yolanda Pérez, created the 2020 bridal collection with a bride without fear, faithful to herself and her values in mind. The concept was born from Nina Simone’s iconic interview in 1968 and her infamous “I’ll tell you what freedom is to me: NO FEAR”, that sums up the spirit of the Firm.

A timeless concept of great value, and a style and courageous attitude towards life. For this reason, Yolanda Pérez has decided to continue to develop the collection and this iconic woman’s inspiration with No Fear II. An icon of a free spirit, a brave and committed attitude that defines the brand.

No Fear is a tribute to freedom. A defense of the “I” as an individual, as a unique being. An invitation to explore our personality. A compilation of historical moments in which women have been able to claim and show their freedom and femininity. A review of the key aesthetic moments of our history where freedom was claimed and its fashion milestone looks.

We are living in a turbulent time, in which fear and uncertainty seem to haunt us insistently. The spirit of No Fear is transformed into empathy and commitment to the industry and sustainability. In support of those brides, boutiques and professionals in the sector who have had to postpone their activity and events due to COVID19.

If there is something that the creative director puts in the foreground, it is the firm conviction that each bride should be able to dress on her wedding day as she wished. Being true to her style and personality. A concept that explains the wide diversity of Yolancris’ collections throughout these 15 years of life.


“We look, but we don’t see. We need to touch to see. Touch to experiment, to be curious and to appreciate; to fall in love ”. Touch claims freedom and the need to enjoy our senses. We have lived confined, away from our loved ones, from our everyday pleasures.

These are months in which we have missed the physical contact, being able to touch and hug. Touch is born out of social empathy and ethics. It is a tribute to the sector and to society.

A collection inspired by the subtle beauty of women, from which the union of a binomial emanates: the classic traditional sewing and crafts, pillars of the brand, and a responsible and current dialogue, to refer to the moment in which we live. And so it is that a new generation has been born, marked by a strong character of resilience, which has earned its own voice through “Touch”.


“I am not what I am. I am what I do with my hands ”Louise Bourgeois

With this sentence, Yolanda Pérez reflects her passion for artisan work and trades. A passion that defines each of her designs that comes out of the Firm’s atelier in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona. A look back to move forward. True to her passion for craftsmanship, each Yolancris dress is created entirely by expert seamstresses. Hands that have worked, in a masterful way, very unique and special fabrics.

The art of crafts and trades serves to dress modern women, as well as to continue developing new talents and the industry. It is, therefore, a safe investment in sustainability, quality and timelessness. Hence, the creative director has decided to incorporate the magic of lace from the looms of the iconic Volart company.

The sound of the looms in motion, handled by the hands of skilled craftsmen, has been incorporated into the digital presentation of the collection on the VBBFW20. Like a beat that vibrates to the beat of the bride, her courage and her dress. A tribute to the industry and its continuity. Because Volart’s looms must continue weaving magic in the form of exceptional and exquisite lace, just as they have been doing since 1857.


1.New generation, new look: a generation emerged from the pandemic, which does not discriminate between millennials or generation Z. We are talking about brave people with a strong desire to move forward. To make an effort to get to touch each other as we did before. In this sense, Touch shows the effort to give voice and visibility to this new generation. Something that can be seen in the varied range of silhouettes, loose patterns and the complicity of accessories.

2. Plain fabrics that show their own richness and enhance the silhouette.

3. The incorporation of very comfortable and natural footwear that accompanies this new attitude adapted to the new times.

4. Two-piece designs to re-style the wedding dress after the big day.

5. Master lesson in femininity in the execution of asymmetrical cut designs, open backs and exquisite corsets.


It was March 16 2020 when the Firm’s creative director decided to contact the VBBFW organization and La Fura dels Baus to find an alternative way of meeting the needs of the brands in the bridal sector. More than a visualization tool, the result was an interactive app, that allows interaction between brands and buyers.

But she went further and decided to bet on offering a presentation with an exceptional staging. Her desire to fall in love and bring the magic of Yolancris to any mobile device and generation, made her look for one of the best digital artists in the world: Timo Helgert. His visual installations have filled pages and have become viral in the social media. Forbes, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Facebook, and others have succumbed to his art.

Helgert uses new technologies, augmented reality and 3D designs. For Touch, the digital artist designed a bucolic virtual field, full of beauty and nature. His vision for creating a disruptive element that makes us jump from concrete to nature is a wonderful escape valve. A true digital mindfulness. “I want to create a space of peace and hope in a hectic world.”

Yolancris’ collaboration with La Fura dels Baus was once again present in the staging. Yolanda spoke to Pep Gatell to help her bring the presentation to life in the form of beats. A beating heart wrapping our brides. A way to express our love for our work and express our strength so that we all continue beating and fighting.

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