Yolancris’ commitment to sustainability and transparency in six key points

Yolancris’ commitment to sustainability and transparency in six key points

Yolancris’ commitment to sustainability and transparency in six key points

Now more than ever we are aware that we must take care of the planet. A responsibility that begins with each and every one of us and that is being translated in the fashion industry in the transformation towards sustainability. Transformation led by the search for new business models and a commitment to constant innovation.

At Yolancris we are not oblivious to these new approaches to sustainability. In fact, we never have been. But today we must formalize our commitment in the form of a manifesto that represents our ethics and values.

A manifesto that will be alive and that will evolve thanks to the involvement of all the people who work in the house: employees, suppliers and customers.

The creative director, Yolanda Pérez, has kept in mind since she created the Firm, that sustainability is not merely a matter of political agenda and marketing strategy, but an opportunity for social benefit and business growth.

Sustainability at Yolancris is based on the following principles:

1 | At Yolancris we generate the minimum waste

Each of the pieces that leave our workshop are made trying to make the most of the materials and avoid unnecessary waste.

Patterns are adapted to make the most of the fabric and the scraps are reused for other pieces from the same or different collections.

Embroidery, appliques and juxtaposition of materials are done in a creative and artisanal way, being our leit motiv to shape our ideas always advocating sustainable fashion.

2 | At Yolancris we know how to give more than one use to things: We reuse

The Firm has always been built on the focus to make each design timeless. Yolancris works beyond trends.

That is why we make the most of our resources. From a fabric to a pattern or an appliqué. In many collections we have reused some of these elements, both eveningwear and bridal.

To maintain our commitment to sustainability, we search our archives to feed the Firm’s collections and give a new meaning and a new life to all our resources.

3 | At Yolancris we don’t follow fashions

Like any brand or individual, we look around us to inform and inspire us. But from this observation we do not produce for the purpose of replicating trends in color, materials, silhouettes or references.

The creative director, with strong codes and inspirations, designs to the rhythm of her own muses, creating timeless garments that transcend fluctuations in fashion and taste.

4 | At Yolancris production is local

Our own atelier is in Hospitalet de Llobregat and from there we design and produce 100% of the garments from our eveningwear and bridal collections.

Our team is made up of more than 30 professionals, including pattern makers, fabric handlers, cutters, seamstresses and decorators / embroiderers.

All of them make all the Yolancris production, around 300 pieces per year.

5 | At Yolancris we avoid unnecessary stock

The character of our collections and the artisanal way of production is consistent with the values ​​of sustainable fashion in the sense that we do not generate a volume of stock from our collections. In fact, we manufacture on request. That is why, also, why at Yolancris we do not make sales.

Each piece is born from the hands of Yolanda Pérez, through the moulage technique. This is the starting point and the prototype with which the team of artisans will work in the Firm’s atelier.

This sample is also used to create our lookbooks and campaigns, show them on international catwalks… Until it ends up arriving at our Barcelona store, becoming available to our final clients.

6 | We are pro-Km 0

The store-showroom opened on Avenida Diagonal 508 in Barcelona in 2018 is the main point of sale of the Firm. This is only 4.5 kilometers away from the atelier. In this way we manage to reduce costs and transport times. At Yolancris we know that the logistics strategy must be consistent with our sustainability values.

Fabrics and materials are also purchased locally. In this way we help stimulate the local economy of our neighbors, while reducing our carbon footprint.

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