Yolancris designs Brazilian influencer Jade Seba’s wedding dress

Yolancris designs Brazilian influencer Jade Seba’s wedding dress

Yolancris designs Brazilian influencer Jade Seba’s wedding dress

On January 23, 2021, Brazilian influencer Jade Seba married actor Bruno Guedes at Buriti Lake, in Rio de Janeiro. The wedding date is a tribute to Jade’s grandfather, who passed away last year. The civil wedding took place on January 16 and for the ceremony the couple met with family and friends with all the appropriate security measures.

Jade Seba went to Casamarela Noivas, Yolancris’ flagship store in Brazil, to make her wedding dress, process of creation and development in which she had a wide participation. However, due to the pandemic, the meetings could not take place at the Firm’s atelier in Barcelona, ​​but were through video calls.

After trying some models at the Casamarela store in São Paulo, Jade Seba came to the conclusion that Yolancris was the brand that would be able to create the dress of her dreams. The next step was to share with Yolanda Pérez, creative director of Yolancris, all of her ideas, as well as the measurements of her size and the details that should be contained in the dress.

In conversation with Casamarela’s team, the influencer recounted the details about the process: “I chose Yolancris already knowing what I expected of them, so I trusted 100% to make the dress remotely. I was able to follow the production a bit, which made the whole process very special. Following up, I was also able to comment with Yolanad Pérez what I liked, what I didn’t, the adaptations ”, Jade Seba told about the designer.


The first dress, with a princess cut, is the basis of the entire look and accompanies the bride until the end of the party. Made of chantilly lace, combined with a semi-transparent, flowing velvet tulle. The bodice is composed of handcrafted guipure embroidery and soutache lace, details that decorate the entire piece down to the train, made from a single piece of silk, finished with a pleated plumetti hem.

For a romantic and magical charm during the ceremony, the second piece is a dress made entirely of plumetti tulle, which conveys the lightness proposed for a wedding by the lake. You know that feeling that the bride floats? That is the purpose, and Yolancris successfully fulfills every detail.

The sleeves and neck are finished with pleated tulle and crystal buttons on the back. All this is finished off with an essential touch: the veil – to contextualize the two dresses, the crown was also developed with a combination of lace, the aforementioned chantilly, rebrodé and handcrafted guipure.

“I think it was much more exciting to do it remotely than if I had done tests at the atelier,” added Jade Seba. “The anticipation, the surprise … it was very special and, without a doubt, it exceeded my expectations.”

Flagship store: Casamarela Noivas
Interior design: @renataparaisodesign
Venue: @lago_buriti
Photography: @managollo
Video: @queiroz