Yolancris dresses influencers

Yolancris dresses influencers

Yolancris dresses influencers

Yolancris is among the most desired brands among influencers.

Many influencers have us choose their dream wedding dress.

In Yolancris from the first moment, the attention of our designers is in the hands of the client to create a feeling and to be able to cover all their needs.

These are the influencers who trusted Yolancris.

Maria Pombo

The Spanish influencer Maria Pombo had it clear at first moment she contacted Yolanda (Yolancris’s Creative Director) to create the dress. She wore our TEMIS Dress

Bruna Hamú

Bruna Hamú, wore our REQUENA Dress, at the end of 2022. In an intimate wedding ceremony in Brazil.

Flora Gonález

The hostess Flora González our ambassador, did not hesitate to trust us and opted for a boho design with mermaid silhouette and a tailor-made cape.

Denisse Rosenthal

The singer Denisse Rosenthal chose a boho-chic design with bare shoulders and bareback.

Nath Araújo

Brazilian influencer Nath Araújo opted for a mini dress with a floor-length cape with a maxi bow on the shoulder.

The Kardashian

Kim Kardashian chose Yolancris for her guest dresses. Khloé, Kourtney, Kendall and Kylie wore dresses from the brand at Kim K. and Kanye West’s media ceremony held in Florence, Italy.

These celebrities are not the only ones, Yolancris has renowned celebrities such as Jade Seba, and Laura Madriueño… among others.

**If you want more information regarding these dresses, do not hesitate in contacting us immediately.

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