Yolancris dresses the Elite Netflix stars

Yolancris dresses the Elite Netflix stars

Yolancris dresses the Elite Netflix stars

Yolancris sneaks into Le Bal and dresses the Elite Netflix stars

Episode 3 of the fourth season of Elite has had the collaboration of several designs of Yolancris for the great party of Le  Bal.

The fourth season of Elite has started with overwhelming success. To the plots of the characters is added this season a very special nod to fashion and haute couture. A wink in which Yolancris has had a very special participation.

Luxury, haute couture and Z Generation

One of the main concerns of large luxury firms is how they can reach a younger audience and, not only that, be able to engage in an interesting conversation.

It is also encouraging to see how there is a small trend among the youngest to invest in sustainable clothes and accessories with high quality. Indeed,  a very successful way to approach luxury.

So, needless to say that being part of Elite -which is globally aimed at this target audience- has been a prize for us.

Yolancris dresses Elite Netflix stars. Georgina Amorós and Claudia Sala in Yolancris couture

Our collaboration with the Elite

Being part of the looks of the Elite characters has allowed us to know first-hand the very meticulous work carried out by the costume team of the serie.

Collaborating with  Cristina Rodríguez’s team has been a great experience.

In the middle of the pandemic, they contacted our communication team in order to learn more about the firm and our designs. Few days after,  we sent to the film set 20 of our haute couture and party dresses from different collections.

Designs that paraded in their day in Paris and that were now going to be part of the plot of the fourth season of Elite.

To learn more about this collaboration, we spoke with costume director Cristina Rodríguez -one of the most awarded  and recognized professionals-, about all the work and the choice of Yolancris for the series.

Cristina Rodríguez, Costume Director of Elite

In Elite every look is extremely important and plays a relevant role. As much as the casting of the series.

In our work we treat the costumes as if it were a character itself. And it is something that comes out in all the sequences, both in the main characters, and in the figuration.

The costumes explain first hand the traits of each character; it tells us how they are, what’s wrong with them, … he is a narrator who provides us a lot of information and an excellent accomplice when it comes to showing the viewer the story behind each character and the series itself.

A dress, a suit, some shoes, … everything must be consistent with the character they dress and the script.

Our work with the wardrobe is very complex. For each character, for each scene, we perform an exhaustive research; we review lots of fashion brands, we even design sometines, all with the purpose of finding the perfect piece for every moment of the film.

When we got the script for chapter 3, focused on Le Bal’s party, we clearly saw that we had to achieve an image of a high-society party; something with a lot of glamour, according also to the location: a spectacular palace.

The plot of this celebration revolves around the protagonism of the girls, since in this party they must choose their cavalier. This is why it was important to focus on finding a firm that united elegance, design, haute couture and, at the same time, talked about female empowerment.

A touch of elegance and subtlety that did not detune with the youth of the cast.

We looked for and analyzed firms from all over the world and did not realize that  in Spain – specifically in Barcelona – we had a firm that seemed to have designed a collection for us and the scene of the big party. That signature was Yolancris.

After talking to them and getting to know their work better, we saw clearly that YOLANCRIS was the fashion brand that perfectly met our requirements.

Why does Yolancris fit perfectly with the elite characters and the big party scene?

Yolancris is a risky, glamorous firm. In addition,  it is not boring and is ahead of its time, -without being futuristic-.

Its creative director Yolanda Pérez knows how to combine all this perfectly, in an unique and outstanding manner. Her  looks give us that image of upper class, somewhat conservative and even in some crazy and youthful moments.

Yolancris met all the requirements we needed. Notice that we have dressed as Yolancris  diametrically radically opposed characters such as  Rebeka  and Cayetana.

It is difficult to find such a versatile fashion brand that knows how to listen and adapt to your needs, so to have been able to count on the involvement of a brand like Yolancris is a gift.

For me, this chapter 3 of the fourth season of Elite has been one of the best works and it has been thanks to the help of Yolancris.

It has been amazing to be able to collaborate with them and we hope that in the future we can continue to do more things together.

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