Yolancris introduces RTW brand Y_Como

Yolancris introduces RTW brand Y_Como

Yolancris introduces RTW brand Y_Como

The presentation of this new timeless and affordable line will be made in the framework of the 080 Barcelona Fashion Week. The The 080 will broadcast the fashion show on its digital platform on April 27th at 6:30pm.


Y_Como wants to be a collaborative channel of ideas with which to involve and make our audiences co-creators through social networks and direct interaction.

“When you show a process, people have a better understanding of the work behind the piece. A half-finished piece recounts all the experiences, effort, mistakes and successes behind it”.

We want this concept not only to show the excellence of our work, but also to involve greater interaction and conversation with the public. A dynamic that will also help to understand the value of trades, slow fashion, local production and sustainable fashion.

“I remain true to the origins of my inspiration. The arts, Art Nouveau and nature. And I cannot imagine a better setting than Barcelona and Antoni Gaudí’s emblematic work, La Pedrera, to present our new project.“


The first collection of Y_Como “If” will be presented within the framework of 080 Barcelona Fashion Week, on April 27th at 6:30 p.m., and is, without a doubt, the beginning of a relationship between Yolanda Pérez and denim. “I had never worked this material. I must admit that it has been a gratifying experience in which I have learned to work it, shape it, pleat it, drape it and print it. “

Denim cotton, silk, crepe de chine or cashmere wool, are the natural materials that give life to a 70s aesthetic. A collection of oversized, fluid and very feminine silhouettes in moss, orange and indigo blue tones. Flared pants, pleated culottes, flowing blouses and dresses with William Morris prints, completed with caps and scarves, military boots and retro glasses.


For the staging of Y_Como, we have incorporated dance into our fashion show again with the La Veronal company and its prima ballerina, Lorena Nogal Navarro. Also mention that Lorena has danced accompanied by our Silvia Albanese, Yolancris international sales manager since 2016.

The seventies aesthetic has had accessories from brands that share our values and passion for craftsmanship and quality. The military aesthetic footwear is provided by Paloma Barceló, the retro vintage glasses are from Etnia Barcelona and the jewelry from PDPaola.

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