Yolancris plays in the virtual world of Animal Crossing

Yolancris plays in the virtual world of Animal Crossing

Yolancris plays in the virtual world of Animal Crossing

The global emergency has accelerated the debate between the physical vs. virtual format and called for inventiveness and creativity to respond to these new opportunities. From virtual or hybrid fashion weeks, to fashion shows on videogame platforms. In this framework, Yolancris explores the opportunities offered by the digital world through a collaboration with Animal Crossing.

The pandemic and its restrictions have made us consider how to get our designs to any corner and person. As a brand we want to share our values ​​and for this it is very important for us to connect with people. Our collections are born from active listening.

“Fashion is still a game; so being part of a virtual and attractive universe like Animal Crossing can be something fun that allows us to connect with a wider audience. People who discover Yolancris thanks to this game can make our brand become part of their daily routine in the virtual world” explains Yolancris’ creative director, Yolanda Pérez, who became interested in this new format in the midst of the video game boom during the lockdown of the 2020 spring. A few months later she began a collaboration with Crossing The Runway, a pioneering project that has also worked for Valentino, among others.

Digital fashion is a growing industry, allowing users to acquire and even buy outfits to express their identities online. Paying for digital clothing has been a standard practice in Fortnite or World of Warcraft for years. So, if you have to dress avatars and there is an interest in fashion in these environments, why not also making clothes, events or fashion shows? “We think that it is essential that fashion exploits the possibilities offered by new technologies, so that we achieve greater interaction and adapt to new ways of shopping and dressing,” continues Yolanda Pérez.


Crossing The Runway has recreated for the Animal Crossing universe two wedding dresses from the Touch 2021 collection, the Marjorie and Simone designs, and three RTW garments from Y_Como, the Firm’s new line that will be presented soon in the framework of the 080 Barcelona Fashion Week at the end of April 2021.

ID codes of the Marjorie wedding dress:
Skin tone 1: MO-V2D1-J790-78YN
Skin tone 2: MO-95LX-JRK5-QXYK
Skin tone 3: MO-1G86-QG9Q-YB1F
Skin tone 4: MO-89HF-B8TC-CXNQ
Skin tone 5: MO-46C2-SFGK-XMYF
Skin tone 6: MO-99CG-8SD0-RN6W
Skin tone 7: MO-K673-0KL3-XWP7
Skin tone 8: MO-FN1Y-PSKL-17Y3

ID codes of the Simone wedding dress:
Skin tone 1: MO-TGXH-06GR-6FJD
Skin tone 2: MO-J5CL-S8GH-154C
Skin tone 3: MO-NTYS-JCJK-F2J6
Skin tone 4: MO-DDHD-WSTD-GTB4
Skin tone 5: MO-S7GR-R205-FT2R
Skin tone 6: MO-7591-YJG8-01V0
Skin tone 7: MO-M7XY-FK3S-4H85
Skin tone 8: MO-STGS-4NJT-7QH3