李亞男Leanne Li dressed by YolanCirs during a concert in Malaysia

20 of July, 2015

Actress and singer 李亞男Leanne Li  trusted again in YolanCris to attend a special concert in Malaysia, the 老表hea爆演唱会, an event which was atte...

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Actress Isabella Leong dressed by YolanCris at HKIFF's red carpet

25 of March, 2015

Hong Kong International Film Festival (HKIFF) is Asia’s oldest international film festival and a pioneer in introducing Hong Kong, Chinese language and Asian cinema and filmmakers to the world. ...

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Will you be my Valentine? Special St.Valentine's day post

14 of February, 2013

This is a special selection of evening gowns and cocktail dresses by YolanCris to celebrate Valentine's Day. Short party dresses, silk dresses, skirts guipure, tops with bows, sexy ...

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